About Me

Andrew a.k.a. "Loki " pretending he can paint

Welcome to the Great Hall, I am most commonly known as Loki GreatHall whilst on the internet and with close friends, however back in the real world it is Andrew. I am rarely captured on camera but then when your boat is as ugly as mine that is a good thing!

Now rather than bore you stupid with my life story I will give you a very short version:

None of what follows is to brag just to fill in the gaps for you a little and let you know what I can do.

1: I am more than a little tapped in the old swede, but try to keep a grip on it, and live life to the full.
2: I started painting miniatures and wargaming at the age of 8.
3: My life was a bit of a riot (certainly not publishable) and much is blurred until I met my wife in 2004 and settled down properly and started a family
4. I am self employed, currently as a miniature painter, though I am a capable terrain maker.
5. My terrain has featured in many wargaming publications over the years. This one below currently is owned by those nice chaps at Gripping beast.

6. I have painted for several companies, Warbases, EMP games, Curteys / 1st Corp and Lancashire games to name a few.They all scraped the bottom of the barrel and came up with me!

Why did I start Blogging? well that really was completely accidental and I was initially pushed into it and first published a post on 9/4/2011. I think my blog has enough diversity to make it a unique place to visit regularly.

My readership has steadily grown over the years of which I am truly grateful and gives me a very good reason to continue. If you want to know a bit more about me then visit this POST.

So please take the time to explore a few posts and if you like what you see then please join the Longship crew and I will welcome you aboard!

Andrew "Loki" Saunders

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