14 July 2017

Well I just had to really, did I not?

Safely ensconced in the new Great Hall it was fitting that I started with some painting from my own lead pile. Now back in November of last year I spent some time compiling a Norse Gael saga force from some boxes of plastic vikings and green stuff for the necessary conversions I needed to make. For those that have not seen this then the video below will explain the work done.

So after a lengthy hiatus and having sorted through various projects of my own I decided that I dont have room for every project or figure I have acquired over the years and will have to trim down a little. I am therefore going to clear out certain items over the coming year and re order things a touch. First up is the Norse Gaels and in order to do this I had to finish them off.

I know some of you will be thinking he must be mad but I am also building up collections of dark age figures in 10mm for playing To the Strongest and have had to think long and hard about storage and space in the new workroom and gaming area. So sacrifices have to be made and I will be using any funds received from the sales to re invest into my 10mm collections so it is not all bad news.

Right that is enough waffle from me, I hope you enjoyed the videos and until nex time thank you for visiting.


10 July 2017

Klein aber mein - The New Great Hall is here..

I have completed stage one on the internals of the New Great hall and have moved in after some hard work in even more hot weather. My thanks to Utgaard for the excellent choice of words for my new home and the title of this post.

So I began by building a new workbench and storage area, I wanted lots of free space and plenty of shelves on the wall were a must for the small space dedicated to painting.

As you can see I now have plenty of shelves and some space, more condensing is required but that will happen over time as I adjust to the new space and adapt it to my working needs.

The biggest challenge of the refit was the new work area and the storage units I wanted to have so that everything that I use with great frequency were all within easy reach.

I now have wings attached to the desk this is the left hand side, The tea being of the utmost importance . My paint racks are now located off to the side, so I have more clear bench space in front of me than ever before. Under this is my new storage racks an idea shamelessly stolen from Ikea but at a fraction of the cost. Each drawer containing a multitude of items but all have a specific purpose.

My new main work area affording me 4 ft of clear width and 2 ft in depth, allowing me to have the power supplies at the left and right of me and my all important laptop safely tucked away on the right, equipped now with full Ethernet cabling as my assumption was correct that the super foil wrapped insulation I used would severely restrict and interfere with the wifi signal. I have wrapped everything in some vinyl for protection and it is far better to look at and easier than painting all the MDF used to construct this.

On the right side is yet more storage, this side is mainly given over to unpainted figures of which there are an awful lot, some tough decisions ahead I think.

Behind me is a bookcase with most of my reference books, I am moving more to Pdf's these days just for ease of use. Future book purchases will be restricted to must haves.

Last but not least is the area left for gaming, Currently being left as is as I have to get back to work for a while with many projects having some short deadlines in the near future. I hope to have this up and running before the end of the year.

Well that is all for now folks, I have a few minor jobs internally to finish, but these are purely aesthetic so they can be done in my small periods of free time or bit by bit at the end of each day as they dont affect my ability to work in here. Thank you for reading and until next time.

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