28 May 2017

Bavarians circa 1809 - Part 2 - Experimenting with cornflower blue

I have been messing around with various blues from the Vallejo range to work out what I would like to best represent my Bavarian Cornflower Blue.

The figure on the left has been worked with the left half as you view it being Vallejo 963 as a base, then Vallejo 841 as a mid tone, and finally Vallejo 844. while the right side started with Vallejo 962 but had the same mid and highlight applied. I liked the left but the steps are a bit harsh.whereas the right half came out more subtly but too bright for my taste.

So the figure on the right was next painting the jacket with Vallejo 841, followed by 844 and finally 961 and was far too bright. now realising that the previous figure got me near I then started this one with the same base coats one on each leg although I based the left leg as you view it  in 962 and the right leg in 963, before mixing a 50/50 mix of base and mid tones mentioned before, a much better transition, and I then used the appropriate mid tone and highlight as before. I thought both of these looked much better, so much so I was a little undecided as to which I preferred. I left him to sit in my view for a couple of days and I was always drawn to the right leg as its viewed.

I then took another figure using the combination I preferred and gave him a quick paint job in the guise of a Bavarian uniform. The central figure in this group is the result. I am happy with the shading albeit a rough paint job I can see this will work nicely and when I paint properly will give a pleasing shade of Cornflower blue.

The final recipe is:
Base Coat Vallejo 963 Medium Blue
1st Highlight Vallejo 963 Medium Blue mixed 50/50 with Vallejo 841 Andrea blue
2nd highlight Vallejo 841 Andrea Blue
3rd highlight Vallejo 844 Deep Sky Blue (only on high spots and heavy wear areas)

The result of my recipe is shown above, I am very happy how the figure turned out. The picture makes it look a bit brighter than in real life, a result of bright lighting in the photo booth. However this is where the project stops for a bit while I await some paint and other supplies that are on order.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Michal, more will be along soon.

  2. The mounted officer's jacket looks just about right to me. If it is a little less bright than the photo then it is perfect.

    Great job on the officer and mount overall.

    1. Indeed Jonathan the blue is duller in real life I will use a darker background I think, when I do some more pictures, see if that help the white balance issue.

  3. I think you've hit the "sweet spot" there with your choice of blues. Great job on the officer.

  4. The officer looks amazing!

  5. Very nice work on the officer Loki. The blue looks spot on!

    1. Thanks I am happy with it and hope to let you all see a regt in the new colour soon

  6. Looks like you nailed it Andrew.


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