28 April 2016

One for All and All for One !

I have long enjoyed watching films and programs based on the Alexandre Dumas novel of the Three Musketeers. For me the 1973 version with Oliver Reed always stood out and I have watched this version many times over. As well as the second part of the adaptation released in 1974. In 2014 the BBC released an adaptation in the form of a 10 part series, followed by another 10 part series in 2015, and shortly the 3rd series will be aired. So in preparation for the 3rd series release I thought I would watch both previous series again to refresh the old grey matter.

Then it occurred to me that buried in my lead pile was a set of musketeers that required some paint. So I set about trying to locate them in the work room, no small feat in itself as currently the Great Hall is in a somewhat disorganized state. Figures found after an hour of diving into various drawers and boxes. I had not painted them when I received them as they are for my personal use and as with all things for me they often get put onto the back burner until I feel in the mood and have the time to lavish on them. I set about giving them some attention, having decided to take a day off work. A bit of a Busman's holiday you could say.


The figures are 28mm and are available from Warbases. Looks like I am going to be purchasing all the other figures that are available. The figures painted nicely and really fit the Characters in the BBC series nicely.

2 April 2016

Time passes so quickly

I had not realised that it had been 4 months since I had posted anything to this blog. In fairness there has been a lot of activity on Brigantes Blog. So I guess time just got beyond me, also with a full diary of painting commissions and a hectic family life have all impacted heavily on output.

In fact output is almost non existent with me being able to count my personal output on my fingers.

I obtained a Saga, Saracen starter warband and so far have managed 9 figures.
 I have done a unit of warriors (above) and the Warlord (below).

Hardly a massive output when you consider that the only addition to this paltry sum is a couple of French Napoleonic cavalry.
I am not actually discouraged by the lack of personal painting time, more by the fact that my idea was to paint up and clear out all the remaining 28mm lead I have which at this speed may take some time to accomplish. I have plenty of Napoleonics sat needing the brush, as well as 2 saga warbands and lead from other projects that are not going to happen as a result.

However on the positive side of things. Brigantes studio is going well, I have an almost full diary of painting for the year ahead and Kevin is fully booked with sculpting. Its not all doom and gloom on the hobby side of life either. Kev, Glen and I had a great day out at Hammerhead show back in March. Gaming is a little adhoc as Kev adjusts to the side effects of new medication, but we manage to get a game every couple of weeks on average.

I picked up a complete copy of the above for £20.00, a real bargain having scoured evil bay for months and not being able to get my hands on one for anything below £35.00. This adds to the project I started late last year and now allows me to game at Kev's using the minis that have been painted, but also at home where I don't have the luxury of a full Kallistra set up, using the original game pieces and playing with my two young sons. Both enjoy the game as it is not as complex as Commands & Colors to learn.

I however have the Commands & Colors bug, all the games that we play at Kev's are now based on this rule set. Whether it be Napoleonics or Ancients. So recently I was delighted when the wife bought me a copy of C&C Ancients as a birthday present.

I can see me collecting the various expansions for this game as well, it is a good game and takes only a small amount of time to play through. I will be teaching the boys to play this as well. In time I may replace the blocks with miniatures and possibly use 10mm figures to do this. So that is about it for this post as I jump back to the paint desk for the day as I have a stack of figures that have to be ready for Salute.
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