2 March 2015

Hammerhead 2015

Saturday saw myself and Kev up early and heading off to Newark, we had a full run of goodies to drop off with various traders and wanted to get most of this completed before the show opened proper.

Kev took the new sculpts to Martin at warbases, where they were well received so hopefully coming soon there will be plenty of Victorian figures to add to the existing range and some rather fun characters to complement the vehicles in this range.

While Kev was doing that I took the chance to deliver the Man of War to Andy at Ainsty castings. I left a happy man as he was suitably impressed with the beasty and quickly made a space for it to sit on display for all to admire.

Then I had to traverse the entire Hall in order to catch up with Panzer Kaput to add a timely delivery of some spare outbuildings I had.
He was explaining the rules as to how the vikings had escaped and captured all the machine guns :D The table looked fantastic and he had clearly put an enormous effort into the demo game he was running. I actually had time for a good chat for a change and a hello to the stalwart that is Mrs PK, who tolerates all Petes shenanigans.

Next up it was chance to chase up John at Wargames emporium and obtain a heads up on the next phase of EMP games figures to be released, and confirm a few details of work in progress for them.
Dodgy picture but it was nice to see some more of my handy work in a display case, and also to be told they looked superb was an added bonus.

Then I had chance to catch up with Martin and Diane myself, and soon I was laden with some work which I shall enjoy in the frantic run up to Salute. I have a lot of bits to paint for that show now.

Then it was time to go shopping and have a good scout at the show, stupidly I forgot to take many more pictures as we went from stand to stand taking everything in. Visiting the well run table sales through out the day. I dont know how Kev does it but once again he beat me to an absolute bargain ( I really do have to stop getting distracted by pirates).

Before we knew it the day was almost over, which is proof positive of a well run show and a good one. There were plenty of games and they are all participation which really gets you involved in the hobby a little more if you choose to join in. There was everything from Fantasy to historical and more on offer. So many we only had time for a few visits. My only gripe about the whole show is it does need a couple more traders. I like to visit Magister Militum because they carry a wide and diverse range of goodies for gamers of all persuasions. A couple more historical Traders as well would be good to add. But I am being nit picky as I still enjoyed the day.

The only thing left for us to do was to pay up and collect a rather large order of terrain for the cabin before heading home for a well earned rest. The terrain will be featured in another post very soon.

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  1. sounded like a good one.. glad you lads enjoyed it..

  2. Sounds as though both you and Kev had a grand day out!

  3. "Dodgy picture but it was nice to see some more of my handy work in a display case, and also to be told they looked superb was an added bonus."

    That is SUPER DUPER COOL. Sorry for shouting :-)

  4. "I really do have to stop getting distracted by pirates"

    Now, now Loki - that's no way to talk about the traders! ;)

    I'm glad you had a good day out - it must have been rewarding to see some of your work on display :)

  5. A great day out by the looks.

  6. Glad to that you enjoyed your trip. :-)

  7. Fantastic way to spend the day. Nice one Andrew!

  8. OK,second attempt!

    Looks like it was a good day eh? it was Originally billed as Fantasy/Sci-Fi, so I've never bothered about it, but there still appears to be more historical stuff than I imagined. Looks like a decent alternative if you can't make the York show.

  9. Sounds like you had a great day : )

  10. A grand day out by the sound of it!

  11. Sounds like a great day was had.

  12. Andrew it was good to met up with you and Kev and thanks for the outhouses, my mate is chuffed to bits with them. I thought the show was good, but I too would of seen a little more historical games and stores not that I got a lot of time shopping.


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