24 February 2015

Ainsty Man of War - Completed

Well one believes he has surpassed himself this time, and yes I am blowing my own trumpet. However I do feel I have managed to pull this off to great effect. I thoroughly enjoyed this once I got stuck in and boy its a kit and a half to do but will look great on any table.

Hopefully the recipient will be equally happy with the result when I hand her over at Newark Show early Saturday morning.

Thanks for dropping by I am off to paint something a little less challenging for a while

16 February 2015

English Civil War - Officers and Pikemen

Recently a valued client asked me to paint a few English Civil War figures for him, I will say the gentlemen in question is also some what of an expert in that particular period of Military and social history, having written several publications and the Black Powder Pike and shotte supplement to mention a few.

So first up are 4 officers all the figures are from the Bicorne range.

Now the excellent thing with this customer is the fact that he provides a full breakdown of the colours he wants on certain areas of clothing, which is great for me as I can quickly establish a set of colours to use for each part of a figure.

The final part of this half of the commission was to paint an eight man pike block in various jackets of off white and grey, now as usual the camera has decided to be an absolute basket case in my hands once again but hey it gives you an idea right ?

Hopefully I will be able to feature these fully based on the Brigantes blog in due course once the new owner has based them and takes a few proper pictures. In the meantime I am off to read his latest tome which I will give an unbiased review on in due course here.

14 February 2015

Ainsty Man of War - WIP

Conversations and obsessions can be dangerous things you know, before you know it you can end up with a golden opportunity but believe me it is hard work.

You see everyone on the circuit knows I am a little easily swayed by pirates and associated items. Last year at Triples I was talking to Martin about this after having purchased another Blackbeard figure for my collection and along came Andy from Ainsty castings who joined the conversation.

A couple of hours passed and my wife had returned from shopping with Diane and I sent my wife to have a look at the pirate ship I have had my eye on for a couple of years at least. I have always managed to resist temptation, that was till Andy wandered over and asked if I would paint him a display model of said ship, in exchange for one for myself. I thought about it for all of a millisecond and committed to doing one for him.

Newark show came along and low and behold I arrived at Kelham hall and I received a rather large box from Andy, I didn't open it as I had work to do but it weighed a ton. Opening it that evening I discovered my payment was a man of war and a merchantman in exchange for the painting, I was a very happy man.

I started the ship late last year, but was unhappy with progress and so it got stripped back and started over again recently, thankfully my moods are under control and attention is becoming less of an issue of late.

So here are a few snap shots of the work in progress. Sorry about the quality they are from my phone which at least seems to take better pictures than my camera of late.

The resin model really is superb if not a little challenging to work upon, mainly due to its weight, making it hard to hold in certain positions whilst detailing. However I am finally very happy with the look I have started to achieve on this piece and really am enjoying the challenge of painting something of this size for a display piece. My intention is to keep the whole colour scheme fairly simple in palette but bright enough for it to stand out from the crowd so to speak.

Well folks thats all I have for today I will be back again soon so thanks for reading.

12 February 2015

EMP Games - WW1 turkish

Just a quick post today, I have been rather busy on work for Brigantes studio, and this is the first release of a new range of Great war figures Turkish Infantry more details and pictures can be found on the Brigantes Blog link to that on the left of this page.

4 February 2015

Murawski Miniatures Polish Napoleonic Officers

Just a small post today, I was asked by a fellow blogger if I would paint some napoleonic figures in exchange for some reference material. Like I am ever going to say no to more books! So a deal was done and I waited expectantly for a package from Murawski Miniatures to arrive for me to paint up as my side of the deal.

They are lovely figures, however I was rather disappointed with the horse on the left of the pictures, in the bottom image you can see a nice horse blanket with sculpted tassel and inner border, both features sadly lacking on the other side of the horse so I had to try and replicate via paint. However they paint very well and two new generals soon appeared.

Next came two rather splendid ADC's rather splendid sculpts and plenty of character.

Last up is an officer in heavy winter wear charging, again plenty of character in this figure. They are all unbased as the customer is going to do this to match his existing basing scheme.

Well thats another post over folks, thanks for stopping by

1 February 2015

After much delay I got there in the end.

 My table has been rather active of late and a wide and diverse range of figures have adorned it in recent weeks as I clear the back log of work, whilst still keeping current work in progress.

One of the backed up projects included 10 figures from fellow blogger and pirate, Edwin at Thoughts of a depressive Diplomatist.

 I have already featured the chinese wizard that completes this group in an earlier post. These are all from the Northstar Lord Currs company Box set for In Her Majestys Name. They made a nice change from painting Historical figures with Edwin giving me free range with the only request that the lady be a redhead.

Thats all for now folks thanks for stopping by

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