24 September 2014

Warbases Wednesday #29 - Hay

Sorry for the unexpected failure to post last week, I know many of you will have missed the weekly slot. All is not lost though as I bring you all up to date this week.

I have completed the display for the new resin Hay load designed to fit nicely, funnily enough into the Hay Cart.
The 28mm Hay cart is priced at £3.50 and is a lovely piece of kit to enhance the table.

However now you can add a lovely load of Hay to the back of it, sculpted by me, and cast in resin for maximum detail and durability this piece is priced at £2.50.

Of course to let you view this as it really should be I had to paint another cart, as the one above forms part of the companies display stand.

As you can see a nice snug fit, of course they do not come pre painted and are shown in a finished state for your benefit. These are now available in the Warbases web shop and will be at Derby in a weeks time.


10 September 2014

Warbases Wednesday #28 - September special offer

Well let me open this weeks edition with the news that every month one product from the ranges is going to be placed on a special offer. The first product to go on the new monthly specials is the Peel Tower.

So if you have been contemplating a purchase of this fine building now is the time too take the plunge as it has a 30% discount. The normal selling price is £45.00 and worth every penny at that price but for September this is being sold for £31.50 a SAVING of £13.50.

A very impressive feature for any gaming table being 202 mm long, 157 mm wide and 350 mm high. of course you can adapt it to be smaller if desired by leaving a floor out. So if this bargain grabs your attention click HERE to purchase.

Finally I was at the other Partizan with Martin and Diane for a large part of Sunday, meeting many fellow gamers and bloggers alike, however one customer left behind a small blue hard backed note book, if you are that customer please email Diane at Warbases and arrangements will be made to get this returned to you as soon as possible.

That is all for this weeks edition folks back again in 7 days with the next one


4 September 2014

Away with the Faeries - Dereliction of Duty

Regular readers will have noticed a distinct lack of posts lately and many blogs that I visit have been devoid of my comments. I am not going to apologise for this as my mental state has not been in the best place and hence the reason for complete apathy on my part. This post is not about wargaming at all and to be quite blunt is about my mental health.

Now if you don't understand mental health issues, let me enlighten you a little with some honest statements from my perspective.

You see when you have a brain that short circuits as mine does and will not do what you want it to do, it interferes heavily with any pattern or routine you may have established. Daily life becomes a challenge and any organised thoughts disappear as quick as they come. The mind goes completely blank and I am very forgetful. All of which can be a great source of frustration and the cause of some anger issues for me. That's not an excuse for being how I am it's just what I have to live with on a daily cycle and it gets a lot worse for long periods of time.

When I blip out I have no ability to concentrate at all, my mind is constantly fluxing from one thought to another. The little voices in my head tell me what I should be doing but I am unable to carry act on them, as soon as I do another thought pops along and I drift off to another place or get distracted by nothing in particular. Now of course I am fully medicated for my condition but it only helps to give some stability it's no miracle cure. My sleep patterns are extremely disturbed and I often survive on a couple of hours for days but always struggle to wake when I have slept, My body has no energy as a result. often just laying in bed wide awake but without the desire to do anything in particular. My moods and thoughts can be very dark the trick is not to act on those thoughts, something that having had this illness for a long time I am able to manage more often than not.

Possibly the worst part of living with this is the wild unpredictability. I can not predict what mood I will be in when I wake up the next day, although I am aware that I can be down for months on end, then fly to the moon for a couple of months and then it starts over. However when those events happen, can not be worked out. So I am thankful of a very supportive family and some good friends that understand the way I am. You see I am very blunt and honest ,I say it how I see it, lots of people cant deal with that and many more run for the hills once they work out I am a little tapped in the head. Ok I joke about it but it saddens me to think that people wont talk to me. I was completely unaware that being mentally ill meant I turned into a three headed beast that ate small children and women for breakfast! I mean come on seriously I look fairly normal and those that take the time to talk to me will realise, I am fairly normal if not a little blunt at times so why?

Having said all this I have obligations to carry out, I have my commitments to Martin and Diane for the Warbases Wednesday and I have the lads that I game with on a Thursday. These provide some points to focus the attention but when things are bad its a struggle to maintain just these small commitments.To put that into perspective for you yesterdays Warbases Wednesday has taken weeks to put together as I have had no desire to paint and keeping my attention on a display figure has been next to impossible, so on average I have managed to paint 1 figure a week for the last month. Hardly a stunning output when you compare that to the time of last years winter challenge, when I had an episode of manic brain activity (the opposite end of my illness) and produced hundred of figures in a similar time frame.

Having said all this my brain is starting to respond well to some new medications and I have been able to paint a little this week not a lot but it has to start somewhere and from small acorns grow mighty oaks. So hopefully things will return to some form of normal service shortly. I have also started to read blogs again this past few days as I am able to hold my attention for longer periods a good sign as far as I am concerned.

Now I realise as I stated at the beginning this post has little, in fact nothing to do with wargaming at all, but I have had lots of messages asking how I am. So I thought I would take the chance to explain exactly what is wrong with me. Yes I am sure some of you will be scratching your heads, for others things will now click into place remember the three headed beastie! Above all I am still fighting daily to get a grip and wont stop fighting. I know of many people who have mental health issues and dare not raise the subject for fear of the prejudice of others. I am not afraid of those who are prejudiced, my life is far better without narrow minded friends in it. So if I lose followers or friends from this then so be it.

To all of you who have asked how I am doing, or taken the time to read this post I thank you.


3 September 2014

Warbases Wednesday #27 - Shows, an Ass and a nice Rack

Welcome to this weeks edition of Warbases Wednesday, this weekend sees the Autumn show season come around and I will take this opportunity to remind you of the shows that Warbases will be attending until the year end.
Border Reiver, Newcastle, 6 Sept 
Partizan II, Newark, 7 Sept 
Derby World Wargames, 4/5 Oct 
Skelp, Forfar, 18 Oct 
Fiasco, Leeds, 26 Oct 
Crisis, Antwerp, 1 Nov 
Targe, Kirriemuir, 8 Nov 
Warfare, Reading, 15/16 Nov 
Battleground, Middlesborough, 29 Nov.
 Formerly Smoggycon

Martin and Diane are looking forward to meeting customers old and new at these events so pop along and say hello. I shall be at three of these shows myself, starting with Partisan, then Derby and Leeds so hope to see some of you there.

I am presenting to you this week the latest display figure that I have completed to go in the stands display case. So first up here's the Ass:

Ok so its also a donkey, but you knew I would be doing something like that if you have read this blog long enough. Priced at £2.00 this is suitable for any period and any location.

We are going to the American continent for the next couple of figures in the range.

A Buffalo, and boy this is a chunk of lead for the money priced at £3.25 sure to liven any game set in the Americas.

Lastly for this continent for now the Grizzly Bear, full of character with a nice set of gnashers. Priced at £2.50 this is a must have for the table.

Back to the Scottish Highlands for this last pair:

A Stag and a hind, they come as a pair for £3.00 and the Stag carries an impressive rack of Antlers on him, yes you can see what I did there pulling you all in with the title.

Well that is all I have for this week folks, I hope to see many of you at Partizan at the weekend.


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