27 August 2014

Warbases Wednesday #26 - Needle in a haystack

Last week I eluded to some works in progress that have been in the wings of my workbench, amoung the many projects I have to complete for Martin and Diane.

This week I can reveal the full range of master models that I shall be taking with me to Partizan, for moulds to be made and then these will appear in the scenic resin page in the warbases webstore, nof course if they prove popular then they will be available at shows in the future.

So let me begin with the 28mm scale versions:

As you can see there are 10 master models created and they are all different in one way or another, nothing worse than a whole bunch of things that look identical to one another, these have a bit of character. They range in height from approx 34mm to 46mm and widths vary from approx 40mm to 60mm .

Now of course I know you want to see how these match up to figures so here are some of my Napoleonic Berg troops in front and behind  a set of these, as you can see they do the job well. The good thing about these is the fact they work in so many periods and geographic locations of the world.

Now its the turn of the 15mm scale little guys :

One thing I wanted to do was get a similar amount of variation into these as the 28mm versions, I have managed to make them all slightly different . The height ranges from 22mm to 26mm and base width are approx 30mm to 40mm .

This time its the turn of some 15mm Peter Pig Reb's for the in front and behind scale shots.

I hope this gives you a good insight into what is coming very soon, as the range of  resin items expands slowly to enhance your tables.


24 August 2014

Weekly Round up 24/08/2014 - More Nautical High Jinx

It may be obvious to many that I am currently experiencing a little nautical bloom so to speak. The Great hall has this week seen a big boost in the amount of preparation and work on my new rules, with another round of play testing this week with all the added extras of national character as we have got the basic mechanics sorted.

A large chunk of my time has been spent working on the ship data cards and the spreadsheet for all the various vessels and upgrades, one may choose dependant on the national characteristics.There is a lot of information on the basic data card in order to help speed up game play. 33 types of vessel that will eventually be available once I have completed the initial rules. So my laminator has been flat out as I work to replace all the cards that Glenn had for the original fleets.

In addition to this I have had to design a full set of counters and extras that will eventually be included in the rules to show the various conditions of a vessel etc.
I have watermarked the image to protect the designs that I have been working hard to create, as I want to retain full control of the design copyright at present.

In all this project is going very well indeed and I am certainly pleased with progress and the results we have had in play tests so far. More on that later in this post.

Now staying firmly at sea, the postman kindly delivered a very nice surprise from fellow blogger +Ray Rousell. I was aware he had placed an order for a rule book for me, but he had other plans based on one of our conversations, and to say I am chuffed is very much an understatement and these will take pride of place in the collections at a later date.
Of course it is not all one way traffic as I have traded my painting skills on this occasion and will be painting a force for Ray to play using Donnybrook. So expect to see something a little different on my workbench soon as I repay the favour.

That leaves me to conclude the post with this weeks game report, or what there is of it as my camera clearly had some strange ideas on what is was photographing, or more simply the operator was not paying attention.
Prior to the start of the game it was necessary to sort the fleets and all the new data cards, plus note full details of all the remaining vessels that needed a card that have been painted since Glenn made the original cards. Lots more time at the laminator in the future then.

This week Glenn would play as Admiral Nelson and Kevin as some random French Admiral, we went for larger forces this week and a good random mix of upgrades to see how the rules for these performed.

Things did not get off to the best of starts for Nelson as he opened the game with:
Oh well it had to happen one day and we start with a blunder.
Carnage is what is going to happen next as a result of the blunder HMS Victory's rudder jams and she swerves 1 hex face to port and rams HMS Agememnon. Time to consult the dam,age charts.
Things do not get much better as Glenns dice really let him down and he rolled another bad result severely damaging Victory before the end of turn 1.

Play testing well under way and although Kevin is having difficulty as he has the wind against him Glenn is unable to seize the opportunity and capitalise. His fleet is firing hard but mainly sending up plumes of water, whereas Kevin is inflicting heavy damage.

Unfortunately this is the point the pictures become unusable, but the play test this week did reveal that we needed a minor adjustment to the attitude to the wind table, so half way through we talked and implemented a few changes, which worked much better and gives the player against the wind a slightly better chance in the game to manoeuvre. I will be adding another mechanic for a change of wind direction into the game ahead of next weeks session.

20 August 2014

Warbases Wednesday #25 - in the pipeline.

Well when I offered to blog regularly for Martin and Diane, for me it was a bit of an unknown quantity. I knew that I had a regular readership and that it should be a good vehicle for revealing the latest news and developments for their business. I have watched its readership grow as the journey has continued and can hardly believe that I have 25 issues under my belt. Also judging by the statistics it is a popular feature on my blog so hopefully it will continue to work for the benefit of us all. Allowing me to retain the ability to publish this well into the future.

I am always pleased to read the comments that you all take the time to leave, and I know that both Martin and Diane take note of every comment you all leave, and take a lot from that, as I speak to them regularly to gain updates and keep ahead of the developments.

So the main focus of the post this week is to let you all know of a few projects I am working on at present that will feature in the Warbases Web store in due course.

Now I can hear you all saying well that does not look to be much but let me explain. Starting with the back product on the right that is the beginnings of a haystack and I am making 10 of these, 5 for 28mm scale and 5 for 15mm scale these will be added to the resin scenics ranges in the later part of the year. In the foreground the strip of MDF is being transformed into a master for pavement sections in 28mm scale to complement the roads that will be released shortly. I hope to have the first bits of resin from the road masters in a couple of weeks so I can paint them up to match the bases released earlier this year.

Kevin is busy sculpting some items for the stagecoach which will turn this item into a great piece too own as there will be a choice of horse and crew, not to mention luggage etc to compliment it all.

We have a lot more planned for the future so keep watching this space.


17 August 2014

Weekly round up 17/08/2014 - Ahoy there Land Lubbers!

Things are at a small hiatus within the Great Hall, after the carnage of the disaster and having got the hall straightened out again I have lost my painting mojo at the moment. Possibly because of the amount of work I have to do to repair and make good everything or it could just be one of those phases we all have from time to time.

However as one would expect I have not abandoned all hobby related activities, and indeed I have been doing a couple of things to occupy my time.

I have started playing an online pirate RPG and I have to say I am having a lot of fun, trading,plundering and sinking ships. Although Edwin did kop one from me the other day as one of my requirements in a game mission is to sink welsh flagged ships, though I did stop at one attack on him to be completely fair.

Click the banner above to help me raise some plunder folks! and if it is your bag come join me in the land of Avonmora. If not just give the banner a click anyway as I will be most grateful.

Now staying with the Naval theme for this post, for several weeks I have been writing and adapting my own set of Naval combat rules for the age of sail. As a small group of players we enjoy the period but hated the Trafalgar rules as they are very slow and cumbersome to use and rarely get you a ship sunk or a game finished. With a goodly amount of gaming years behind me and having play tested many rule sets and tinkered with others I took up the mantle to write a set for us that will play fast, be fun and get a result. Now I also had to be wary as we do have a naval officer in our ranks, so I was under some pressure to make it good for him too, especially as he paints and rigs all the 1/1200th ships for us to play with.

A Willing Foe and Sea-Room"
Fast play Naval action rules for the age of sail.

So the above image is the name I have decided and settled upon for our rule set. I have used some elements from Black powder and Hail Caesar as well as a bit of Fire and Fury etc within the make up of the rules. These games all have their plus points and minus points but play-testing will refine the game further and after each session notes will be made and rules amended.

So far we have managed to have some good play testing time with this game and thankfully Rear Admiral Glenn is most pleased with my efforts, though not so keen on the fact his dice still fail him!

One of the early challenges for us was creating the hex system and developing that to work with the eight points of a compass, a bit of chat and head scratching after the first play test saw us change a few things around and that issue was solved. We went with a hex system to make movement very simply as each vessel moves a set number of hexes or makes a number of turns in relation to its speed rating. No tape measures required and no need to account for inertia etc as they are all calculated for in the speed allowances.

The compass in reality plays a more major role with the wind and weather so we have worked out how to align the compass to give completely random wind direction for all games and it works very well.

This week saw us go larger with the fleet sizes, and with several different rated vessels as I wanted the data cards tested and to calculate any adjustments we would need to make across the board. One of the elements of Trafalgar that we did like happened to be the ship data cards, although I have heavily redesigned them but they enabled you to accurately track your vessels demise without complicated calculations etc. Other than dice,a few markers and a pen this is all you need to play the game.

one of the data cards I have compiled click the image for a full sized view.
One of the great elements of the Black Powder and Hail Caesar games is the order system and the fact that officers can and do make errors of judgement! So I had to have a blunder table for anyone scoring a double six when making a command roll.

2 x D6 Score
Blunder Table
Mutiny, you must role on the despised by the crew table.
Something strange is a brewing! roll on the wind table.
Anchor not secured and drops, vessel comes to a dead stop
I don’t be liking the look of that! roll on the weather table.
Rudder jammed, steer 1 compass point anti clockwise
Rudder Jammed, steer 1 compass point clockwise
Cannons are hot! firing this turn is at ½ effect rounded up
Jonah on board all morale saves are at an additional -1 this turn
Unidentified underwater hazard take 1 below the waterline hit no save allowed
Inspired crew all morale saves are at +1 this turn
Advance 3 hexes forward and carry out a boarding action if able to do so!

So onto our latest play test, I have been acting as Umpire for all the games as I wrote the rules and also this enables me to follow the play tests closely and make adjustments for events I see happen and based on Kevin and Glenn's feedback.

Glenn was impressed with the work Myself and Kevin had put into making a sea table for the game room.

What follows is not a game report as such just a few pictures of the play testing in progress, as truth be told I forgot to take too many pictures as I was recording how the rules worked in situations and taking notes for improvements.
Kevin tries to work out which vessel is which as he deploys
Glenn swaps Rum for Tea as the British Fleet approaches
Things are going to get ugly
Sure enough ships make a visit to Davy Jones

So far we have been very pleased with the way the game plays and now I will work on all the extras that come with naval combat in the form of some National characteristic and special ammo.

That just leaves me to welcome aboard the latest followers to the Great Hall: Eric and Pippoweb row heartily for your longship folks and enjoy the visits to come.

That is all for this week folks have a good week ahead.


13 August 2014

Warbases Wednesday #24 - VBCW

This week it is the turn of some new 28mm scale Victorian era onwards style buildings that I present to you all.

This is a large bank building for use from the Victorian period onwards. The Bank Chamber is an imposing structure, with sandstone frontage and period architecture details such as the ornate windows and Large double doors.

The sign can be left off this building to allow you to use this as a Mansion House, Vicarage/Manse, or Office building.

The kit features our new style windows by popular demand and an internal removable floor for ultimate flexibility for the avid wargamer. The photographs show the roof finished in 'Victorian Tile' roof sheets - you'll need 2 to cover the whole roof.
Dimensions : L214mm, W168mm,  H258mm
Cost £22.00

Next up is the Local coppers residence:

This police house for use from the Victorian Period onwards, measures exactly the same as our Red Brick Terrace range of Houses, so will fit in neatly in a terrace, but will also be ideal as a detached house. As an alternative, it could be used as a village library.
Supplied with separate annex for attaching to the rear, this building includes unique detailing, such as a removable floor and flexible doors allowing you to pose them open or closed. 

Dimensions Main House: L168mm, W112mm, H180mm.
Dimensions Annex: L123mm, W65mm, H75mm.
Cost £17.00

Finally for this week we have the village workshop no guesses for where the inspiration for this building has come from.
This is a small garage or workshop for use from the Victorian period onwards. The workshop is designed for use as a village garage, or maybe you can think of other uses, perhaps an undertakers, joinery workshop or even a dairy.

The unique features on this building include working sliding doors and special roof tiles, which are included at no extra cost.

Cost £14.00
Dimensions : L210mm, W125mm, H118mm. Please note all Images are Copyright of Warbases and are used here with full permission.

Well good people that is all I have for this week.


10 August 2014

Weekly Round up 10/08/2014 - Overcoming Disaster !

Well it is once again a Sunday and I am sat in the Great Hall bringing you all up to date with what has been going on recently. I make no apologies this is going to be a very long post so you might like to grab a brew before reading any further.

I eluded to the fact that the Hall had suffered some substantial damages a little while back, but it has taken until now for me to get fairly straight and overcome the sheer horror of what happened. It is all Kevin's fault, ( well not really, but its good to blame someone).

Having sorted out Kevin's man cave recently I was furnished with a rather copious amount of reading materials as those that know me well, know that I like my books and hate to see them discarded and often give them a new home in the Great Hall. This has sort of lead me to the rather big downfall and huge losses that I incurred recently. As I returned home and added the books to my collections. I like most people if they are honest just add my books to the shelves without any thought to the full weight being placed upon them, and unless I see a shelf bow or strain under the weight take no further action.

I took no pictures of the failing as I really don't need a reminder of my own stupidity to gaze at on the blog in years to come, the memory is bad enough to deal with. Fortunately I had vacated the Great Hall minutes before hand as hunger struck and I went to make toast, or I would not be here writing this post at all. While sat eating the toast the peace was disturbed by a terrific rumble and banging, I instantly went to check the kitchen as I thought something happened in there but all was fine. I dawned on me then that directly above the kitchen was the Great Hall. So upstairs we all went and oh dear we could not open the door this did not bode very well at all. After a 20 minute struggle we managed to get the door open enough to peek inside and the sight of what happened turned my stomach as the entire contents of the room were in complete chaos. I wont say my room is full but when you see the racks that were on the wall no longer in place and the debris piled three feet high across the room you realise there is going to be serious consequences.

A couple of hours later and we had managed to get everything relocated into various rooms upstairs, so I could begin the clear up in the morning. The damage my figure collections took was obvious as we pulled smashed case after smashed case out of the room. Sadly they were all on the lower shelves and took the full impact of the couple of tons of books. My desk was obliterated and if I had been sat in my usual spot I would have been brown bread as my wife kindly put it. Though she did also state that for once she was grateful I got hungry and made a mid evening snack.

During this phase of the clean up the phone rang and it was Kev who immediately offered to come over and help out. I declined at this stage as I was not really in the best of moods and really just wanted it to have been some weird cheese snack dream, however it was not. Though it did confirm in my mind just how good a friend he is. So for that I have a lot to be thankful for. Though keeping control of my emotions tonight proved very hard to do but restrained I remained and after we had cleared the room went off to bed.

I did not sleep, as to be expected lots of things were racing in my mind and I arose bright and early to assess the damage and effect repairs. Initial inspection revealed that not a single plug remained in the wall it was as if the racks had just not been fixed. they were completely undamaged but all the shelves were broken into pieces. So I thought right go big overkill on the repair and went to get some anchor bolt resin. With the racks reattached with heavy duty fixings secured with resin these babies are going no where for a long time. I then phoned Kev for some assistance in replacing the shelves etc. Once back at the Great Hall it was clear from Kev's face that he realised just what had been lost. He came up with an idea to create an Independent bookcase too deal with the heavy weights in my collection. A re jig of how some thing were laid out in the man cave and we had a plan. Kevin informs me the only way this book case is coming down is with the house and having seen how its constructed I have to agree. New shelves were put in place and screwed tight to the brackets and I now had a blank canvas to reassemble everything.

Re assembly is ongoing as I type but it is getting there, I have been both lucky and unlucky with the damage to the figures but life goes on and the reality is they are toys and can be replaced. I have had my pride badly dented but have escaped unharmed. If anything I urge you all to check your own shelves and ensure you have not overloaded them as I really would not want this to happen to my worst enemy!

Picture nicked from Ray Rousell.
Last weekend I recently had the pleasure of being invited to deepest Kent to partake in a game with Posties Rejects something that Ray and Fran have been planning for over a year due to diary clashes. The picture above is me celebrating yet another one rolled on the dice in the opening Fire and Fury game we played and an excellent report of my continued dire luck can be found HERE. One has to put a brave face on misfortune although that tit Ray did not agree, and made us surrender after 4 or so turns! My dice is also located in a bin at Watford Gap services should anyone desperately need a bad rolling dice.

I had an excellent day out and did have a great days gaming, as we also played a great French Indian War game which I wont spoil by giving the result as Ray will be blogging this shortly. I met a lot of good people that made the day one to remember and it was a good laugh. Very much needed in my case and all thoughts of the above issues disappeared as I enjoyed the day. The day was rounded off rather well with a trip to the local Chinese recommended by Ray, who initiated us into the joys of Deep Fried crispy Chilli Squid and rather copious amounts of it.

There was a slight tinge of sadness to the day as a valued friend who I have met through the blogging will be leaving England later in the year. I wish you well buddy with everything that lays ahead for you and hope to continue the friendship in the years to come even if it is at a distance.

Postie presented me with my very own Honorary Membership to the rejects and a very nice display figure for me to keep on my display case. I also received a very nice surprise from Fran who gave me a rather nice box full of piratical related buildings and ephemera.

These are going to make a fantastic start to the Pirate Island I shall be creating. I also received a couple of very nice figures to add to the pirate collection and they will undergo the brush treatment shortly. Once again proof that the wargame blogging community is a positive part of social media. My thanks to Postie and all the fellow Rejects for making it an excellent day out for me.

The remainder of this week has been tied up with mundane duties in the house as the wife decided to have an entire relocation of all the upstairs rooms and furniture. This has seen me away from the workbench and all hobby related activity for 4 days, the last one being today as I sit aching from parts of my body that I did not think could ache in the first place. I hope you all have a good week ahead as I will be back at the workbench myself.


9 August 2014

In my fashionably late style - Announcing Wargame Bloggers Quarterly

The Wargame Bloggers Quarterly (WBQ) is a FREE community driven electronic magazine (PDF e-Zine) composed of the best wargames and miniature painting content from the collective blogosphere.

 The purpose of the WBQ is to help promote wargaming and miniature painting and ensure that the best material generated by participants in the hobby is available to the wider community in the long term.

Any individual is free to submit content to WBQ for publication. Submissions may not have been published in any other e-Zine, printed magazine or other publication to prevent copyright infringement (with the exception of the author's own personal blog). All content remains the copyright of the author at all times and will be fully credited upon publication.

If you want to know more about WBQ you can read our charter hereor you can contact the current Editor-in-Chief via email onwargamebq@gmail.com.

Important: WBQ is specially designed for tablet and/or PC viewing and contains high-resolution images and other content that look great when zoomed in or viewed full page. Make sure you download your copy rather than view it online to get the very best experience!

Issue List

6 August 2014

Warbases Wednesday #23 - Bumper Edition

Right folks the man cave is operational again though there is lots to do still, but more importantly I can bring you more news this week from Warbases. Just to give you an idea of what I have been battling here is a model I was constructing and should have completed for last weeks edition. Most of what I am dealing with is like this:

Now in handy flat pack form :(

Any way onto the more encouraging news. There have been a few new additions to the web shop in the last couple of weeks and of course you all want to know which animals have made it onto the short list and will be the next productions.

First up then the competition and suggestions for new animals for the range, I submitted a top ten to Martin and Diane to cut down and choose 5 from the list to go into production and this is what has been selected in no particular order.
  1. Ravens
  2. Camels
  3. Rats
  4. Foxes
  5. Wolves
It should be noted that although some suggestions have not made it to production for the next batch many of the suggestions will be kept and may appear in later releases. I would like to pass on the thanks of all at Warbases to you, for taking part and telling us what you would like to see in the future. A winner will be selected from all who entered once we have the master models completed.

Moving on we have a couple of new additions to the ranges on offer and this time its something for the painters to use when organising their painting areas.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I sent my paint rack design to Martin to be produced as a custom fit for me, I also agreed that this design could be modified to make it available to the wider public in a post service friendly size. Also if there is a demand I will upload the label system etc that I used for you to download should you require see original post HERE.

Martin has in this instance adapted it to hold 45 dropper bottles and this is keenly priced at £7.00 the external dimensions are as follows: Width 276 mm,  Height 216 mm and Depth 80 mm. Of course if you require the full size 90 bottle design as I have then you will be able to order one of these via email for collection at a show.

Next I present a very handy brush rack priced at £3.00. Width 110 mm,  Height 110 mm and Depth 75 mm.

A nice and compact design that will safely store 6 brushes.

With both these additions there is no better time to organise your desk and perhaps gain some space in the process.

Well that is Warbases Wednesday for another week folks hope it has been a good read.

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