31 July 2013

New French Indian War figures.

I am a bit behind with my blog updates and will be attempting to get back on target over the next few days.

I have received the new sculpts from Andrew at AW Miniatures that will be used in our Bloggers for charity game next year.

First up are the new coureur des bois figures:

A pack of 6 figures in three poses for £8.50, these are very nice clean sculpts with little or no flash.

Next up the British Light Infantry.

Again 6 figures for £8.50 and are good sculpts with little or no flash.

Finally to complete the range of figures for now we have the new Ensigns for the British and French.

That's it for this batch of releases, and hopefully in the near future Andrew will have cast all the figures for the demo game.

29 July 2013

Loki Pie Anyone ?

A couple of weeks ago 'GI' James braved the trip across the Pennines to the humble abodes of both myself and Kevin.

The main event of the day was to discuss the bloggers for charity event, and nail down some positives for that. We will be making a trip to Morecombe in the near future for some playtesting of the demo game.

Once business was taken care of it was time to give James a first run out with Saga.
James had the use of my Vikings for a little run out against Kev and his bloody Danes.
The game went well with James focussing on the destruction of Kevs army in a thoroughly Viking like fashion
Good fun was had by both players though James did forget about trying to kill the enemy Warlord until it was a bit too late :)

We had a break at this point for some light refreshments in the form of a blindingly large roast dinner cooked and served by Charlie, Kev's wife and as a special treat for afters we had!!
Loki pie with lashing of custard as well.

This was all followed with another game of Saga this time we played the all out kill version that is Feast for Crows.
As you can see from this image above it was not very fortunate for me !!! although Ragnar lays in Valhalla now he went down fighting and he actually survived three rounds of Melee. The Final game was won by James who had killed more of my warband than Kev had. Basically Loki came last due to being outnumbered heavily :)

28 July 2013

Scratch Building Basic 28mm scale Round houses - Part 3

In the final instalment, I shall attempt to complete the round houses. If you missed part 1 or 2 they can be found HERE and HERE.

So after a good night drying the roof is ready for some paint.
Right now I have base coated in a dark brown as I want to give these a recently thatched appearance, if I wanted old thatch I would have started with black.
Next stage is a heavy dry brush of a sandy colour, if you want old thatch a mid grey colour. At this stage the second section of thatch looks a bit angular dont worry we will sort this once all the paint is properly dried.
The final stage is a quick dry brush with an off white, old thatch would get a light grey.
Once all this has dried take a sharp knife to all the bottom edges and make a series of small cuts to soften the edges and make them a little ragged looking again.
So onto the main structure, cut 6 posts the height of the tube, I used kebab skewers.
Evenly space the 6 posts on the outside of the tube.
Then set this aside to dry off for a bit.
Next up make some door frames and doors, balsa and some matchsticks for me. Trim to the desired height.
Then glue into place between two posts.
Fix the whole lot onto a base and texture as desired.
once the above step has dried enough to handle texture the walls between the posts and around the door.
Liberally base coat model once the texture has dried.
Then start to dry brush up to a finish, once done flock the base and they are ready to play.
I did give the interiors a quick brush over to lighten them as well but forgot to take pictures. These now have a new home along with several other bits I had to hand. You can of course get far more detailed and add a porch, thicker walls but these are just to get you going on some basics. You can also use the basic design to go further afield and they would make mud huts etc.

I hope you enjoyed this set of posts. Feel free to ask any questions about making them and I will try to answer them for you.

27 July 2013

Anne's personal apology !!

Is é seo mo iarracht ar cheansú Anne óga thar mo botún tseachtain seo caite. Chun tú cailín Gerard Butler.
"This is my attempt at calming young Anne over my mistake last week. Gerard Butler for you girl."

To the rest of you my apologies :)
Here's Gerard in a Dark room 
Oops that's not quite what I had In mind. So without further ado!
Here is your Butler, Anne he is called Gerard as you requested. I think I am digging a deep hole here. But hey is that not the privilege of being Loki.

Right I believe that is my debt settled, I shall now return the blog to normal service.

26 July 2013

Scratch Building Basic 28mm scale Round houses - Part 2

So we finished yesterdays post with the basic structure completed, today will be sorting out the roofs.

First up a sharp knife and some sandpaper, cut the roof roughly to the desired shape and then smooth the dense styrene surface with some sandpaper.
Keep checking that they fit snugly and don't sand the rim we created to hold the roof on!

Now we are ready to start thatching.
Equip yourself with some  pva, teddy bear fur, a compass, pot of pins and a ruler.
Right now mark and cut out a circle that has a diameter approx 30mm larger than your hut, you can make it bigger for a larger overhang, and trim back later.
Take your circle and make one cut to the centre.
Right now start to pin the roof in place to check it fits and find the overlap area, and remove the excess.
Pinning in place as you go, then flip over to check its overhanging evenly.
Now its going to get a little messy, coat the underside in pva and start working around the roof, ensuring the fur is coated in the pva as you go.
What you end up with is something resembling the wife's hair first thing in the morning!! and it now needs a bit of a sort out, an old comb comes in handy to comb the fur from the apex down.
As you can see a quick tidy up and its starting to look like a thatched roof. Pay attention to the join as this is the point you can hide it
you can add more layers by following the steps above using a smaller diameter circle each time.
So there we have our roof thatched and it all needs to be left overnight to dry properly. In the next part we shall complete the project.

25 July 2013

Scratch Building Basic 28mm scale Round houses - Part 1

Welcome to all the New followers, and apologies for my lack of posts of late mainly due to the hot weather, working through the night because its been to hot in the day to work and general tardiness. I even managed to get this series of posts wrong yesterday and hit the wrong button publishing the wrong post at the wrong time so sorry if you came looking for this earlier.

Right then back to the topic in question, I have a good friend who I knew to be lacking in a lot of physical terrain pieces. This made him a prime victim candidate for a bit of a Loki experiment!

A typical feature of Britain right up to the Dark Ages is the round houses, these can take several forms but are normally circular with some form of thatched roof.  Walls either being of wattle and daub, or further North they are made of stone.

In this guide I will attempt to make some basic versions with lift of roofs to enhance your tables. So lets start making our round houses.
First up we are going to need a sharp pencil, a ruler and scalpel. Some form of tube with a diameter of between 3 and 4 inches. A visit to your local carpet shop can be useful, failing that the innards from a left over roll of parcel tape. Mark the exterior of the tube approximately 35mm high around the circumference. You need to be very careful and cut around the line next to make the rings, try not too flatten your tube.
The next thing we need is a chunk of dense styrene, the blue stuff works best, thickness is dependant on the style of roof you want (more on this later). Mark the inside and outside diameter of the tubing, then cut the styrene around the exterior circumference as carefully as possible.
The next job is to cut down very slowly around the interior perimeter about 3 to 4 mm and level around the exterior, thus creating a lip which should nestle on top of the tube you cut earlier.
At this stage it's a trial fit we will neaten up what we need to later, while shaping the roof.
Here's another using a thicker chunk of styrene. At this stage you should check your figures will stand inside, simply because your figure base may increase the height. You can do this by placing the figure in the tube and popping the roof on if the roof wont sit as before, then you need the next step.
Take your scalpel and cut inwards and under about 1cm from the exterior to create a thicker wall. then cut a smaller circle in the centre quarter across both circles and remove the sections.
This can all be tidied up with a gentle rub with some sandpaper.

That's it for this part. When we come back to this we will shape the roof and start detailing the buildings.

24 July 2013

Human Error

Yes I did it again and in order to rectify another of my brain malfunctions after an erroneous publication earlier today, and it appearing on many blog rolls leading you blindly to a missing post. I' m Sorry.

and as a correction for such an failure I believe boobs should be sufficient compensation for you all.

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