30 June 2013

A return to the brushes

Firstly welcome to all the new followers that have joined the Longship in recent weeks. I hope you find plenty to keep you interested in my little bit of the blogosphere.

Finally my body seems to have made a full recovery from my recent ill health. Not that I have been idle at all and it has given me time to focus on some terrain as I have documented here in the past weeks. I have also been busy getting some figures prepared. In readiness for my new glasses which thanks to last weekends auction I can now afford, so I will be able to break out my brushes again.
This is my workbench currently, in the background on the right are the French Regulars I had started painting and doing the guide for. These will be completed shortly. In the foreground I have begun preparation of the French Regular box set from AW miniatures, for a display stand. Off the table I also have a large group of Anglo Saxons ready to go once all these are cleared. The large tangle of figures back left are Ray's Vikings and Fran's err Fantasy 2000AD though he did ask first before sending.
I have started with the Ray's Vikings and have applied base colours to both the armour and clothing.

29 June 2013

Dystopian Islands

Something that is normally off my radar is fantasy terrain. However Kelly has been spending a lot of time with me lately and is hooked on Dystopian wars from Spartan games. He then managed to convince me that I should be making some islands for scenery I suspect he had an ulterior motive, but me being suitably gullible soon had my pencil out and was designing, followed by lots of cutting, glueing, painting and flocking.
The following was produced alongside my normal workload this week.
I knocked up 9 islands of varying sizes and shapes. each has its own features and Kelly at least is pleased with the finished result.
These two are the large Islands, both have predominantly rocky features.

This one was a bit of fun with an inactive volcano as the main feature.
A shot of some of the smaller islands.

28 June 2013

Blog-Con or "Yet another Good Idea"

He has done it again, James "Good Idea" Brewerton has gone from idea to organised in 72 hours on his latest venture.
The first event in hopefully an annual gathering of wargaming bloggers. Hosted by Wargame Foundry in Nottingham.

Click the image to go to the new blog that has been set up for this. This has the potential to be a great event, I hope to meet many of you there.

24 June 2013

Block house "Loki" style - Part 3

Here is the final instalment of my Block house conversion. The first part is HERE and the second part HERE.

All painted and based. I went for a darker wooden colour on the main building rather than a fully weathered grey, so as to have some contrast in the finished building.
This is certainly a sizable feature the table standing at 7 inches high at the apex of the roof.
The base section on a 6 inch base board, the bottom section of the block house is 4 1/4 inches square.
The reduced height ground floor firing position.
The upper floor at 5 1/2 inches square, the plank floor has been washed in several shades for better effect.
It holds a full unit with space to spare.
The roof was dry brushed to give a look over sun-bleached and weather worn shingles.
A shot of the fully assembled  model with some troops for scale.
The next project for me will be some wiki ups for the Woodland Indian Tribes.

23 June 2013

Talavera - The battle for the redoubt Part 2.

Thursday saw Myself, Kevin, Karl and Glenn switch sides and fight a scenario from Talavera. The first part can be found HERE. Kev has already provided a synopsis of the battle. At the end of the last game Kev and I offered to switch sides and refight the battle to prove that the Westphalians and Polish could win the game.

Karl took charge of Kemmis's brigade and Glenn commanded Myer's brigade, whilst I had Grand Jean's and Potockis's brigades and Kevin commanded Porbeck's and Chasse's brigades.

Initial deployments were very similar to last time we played although I swapped the starting position for my two brigades, as I wanted the two higher grade line units to protect my flank. Kevin and I had agreed that we would start the game on the offensive and begin on move orders and once free of the olive grove terrain penalties launch a full assault.
Karl had adopted my tactic of charging out with the cavalry to stop the flank from developing, however his plan was scuppered after the first round of melle saw his horses blown and returning to their own lines at charge speed, this would give me at least two turns to push the flank and get into the British of Kemmis.
Meanwhile on the other flank Kev and Glenn were locked in a full melee with a brigade each.
Glenn wipes away the tears as his brigade crumbles before his eyes.
While Kev breaks out into full dad dancing mode at his success.
Turn 3 and the assault is now in full flow and despite some good shots from the artillery the morale tests for being charge were not so good.

The 12lb battery disperses and the 9lb battery stands, this is not good for the British as capture of the redoubt is now inevitable, the British will now have to recapture the redoubt to win the game.
Karl and Glenn resigned to their fate, realising Myself and Kevin had practically won the game within three turns.
The game concludes after 7 turns as it the British have no option but to withdraw, Glenn had lost a brigade and his second brigade had 50% of its troops in retreat. Karl was being assaulted by two full infantry brigades and was unable to get to the redoubt as he was fully engaged. and being attacked on his flank at the same time. He had been unable to get the cavalry back into the game.

This was a great game and we did at least show Glenn and Karl the weaker French side could get the result if they were played with some aggression. Next week sees us venture into the Seven Years War.

22 June 2013

Block house "Loki" style - Part 2

Following on from Part 1  I have continued with the work on the block house.
Ground floor section completely clad in kebab skewers and the door planked out with matchsticks.
The underside of the upper floor has square section chunks of balsa added to represent floor bearers.
Upper section now dressed up again with kebab sticks.
I am thankful Warbases sell sheets of shingles this roof has over 1200 of them and if I had to cut and stick each one individually I would have gone mad.
Ready for painting now once its had a good 24 hours to fully dry.
Just a test for moving through the door, I have hinged it.
The finished article is certainly going to be an impressive piece when finished.

21 June 2013

Getting to know Loki in 20 questions.

Recently resurrected by James over at Exiles Wargames Painter, who borrowed the idea from something Ray "Sandbag" Rousell from Don't throw a 1  and Francis "His Holiness" Lee a.k.a The Angry Lurker started a year ago, I figured it was about time I followed suit.

1. Favourite wargaming period and why?

This is a tough one for me, I have two and cant split them, American Civil war because of the research I can do one the period and the fun I get from playing it. Napoleonic Era, the sheer spectacle of the uniforms and warfare of the period means I enjoy painting and playing this.

2. Next period, money no object

All theatres of the Seven Years War in 28mm.

3. Five favourite films?
  1. The Patriot - Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger
  2. We were Soldiers 
  3. The Last Samurai
  4. Gods and Generals / Gettysburg
  5. Tora Tora Tora

4. Five favourite TV series?
  1. Sharpe
  2. NCIS
  3. Stargate
  4. Swamp People
  5. The Following

5. Favourite book and author?

I don't have one, there are three as my favourite books are a trilogy - The Dragonlance Chronicles written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

6. Greatest General - Can't count yourself !!!

7. Favourite wargames rules?

Fire and Fury

8. Favorite sport and team?

Formula 1 - Mclaren

9. If you only had one use of a time machine when and where would you go?

Gettysburg 1863 to meet R.E.Lee

10. Last meal on death row?

A huge fry up!!!

11. Fantasy relationship and why?

Siouxsie Sue and why is a bit obvious and should require no explanation at all

12. If your life were a movie who would play you?

It would have to be Michael Caine- he can at least do the accent!!

13. Favourite comic Superhero?

Has to be Bananaman from the Beano.

14. Favourite military quote?

Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning - Erwin Rommel

15. Historical destination to visit?

Gettysburg or Antietam (Sharpsburg) Battlefields

16. Biggest wargaming regret?

I have two, selling my original 28mm Napoleonic collection, and my 28mm American war of Independence collection far to cheaply.

17. Favourite Fantasy job?

Intergalactic explorer

18. Favourite top 5 songs

Cant get my list down to 5 but have managed to get to 10 and here they are. My tastes are quite diverse and heavily influenced by gothic punk and rock:

  1. Bauhaus - In the Flat Field 
  2. The Cure - Charlotte sometimes
  3. The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
  4. The Damned - Grimly Fiendish
  5. Wagner - Ride of Valkyries
  6. The Doors - Riders on the Storm
  7. The Cure - A Forest
  8. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Arabian Knights
  9. Buddy Holly - Not Fade Away
  10. The Clash - London Calling
19. Favourite wargaming moment?

Many years ago doing a huge 28mm version of Gettysburg over an entire weekend. I played as Lee and did not follow history in the attack, After a historical set up I decided to try something a little different and it caused the Union lines to collapse in spectacular style resulting in a Confederate victory. The look on the opposing commanders faces was priceless.

20. The miserable git question, what upsets you?

Like several other bloggers this has had to be restricted to 10 or we are never going to finish the post.
  1. Those blogs that have the bloody stupid CAPTCHA password to comment 
  2. Texting - phones are for talking and its much more pleasent to talk.
  3. Rap music!!!!!
  4. Trousers that are worn on the top of the legs so I have to see hairy arse and undercrackers ( NOT A COOL LOOK ) while walking hunched over like a monkey and swaying from side to side ( WTF )
  5. Nearly every TV advert.
  6. Anyone knocking on my front door in the evening that wants to beg, steal or sell me anything.
  7. Spammers
  8. Dice - when they keep rolling 1's
  9. Rulesmongers - Oh how I hate the mm brigade, you are 0.0005 of a mm short so cant do it, how the F**k do these jerks have a life, games are meant to be fun.
  10. Cold Tea - those that know me will understand this one...
  11. I had to add another: The constant thorn in my side that is Kevin.

20 June 2013

My Community Currency and Blog Overhaul

Today is an auto post as I should be having a nice game of Napoleonics at Kev's tonight, if everything goes to plan. Pictures and a report will follow in due course.

Expanding on my earlier post about the idea bounced between myself an James "Great Idea" Brewerton, who coined the war games community currency term. I have been thinking about my own currency for this simple venture.

The most obvious one is the fact that I make terrain almost daily as it is my occupation, so I can offer that mainly in exchange for other things I would like.

The other point about my WANTED list is that it is not set in stone, so please if you would like something I have to offer then please put forward your idea for exchange of services. After all it may not be on my list but I am a war gamer after all, and suffer shiny-bloody-itis, butterfly syndrome and a whole raft of other issues. In other words I want it but don't know it yet until the opportunity arises.

An example of me being open to an exchange that differs is the first deal negotiated between myself and James. My original desire at the beginning of the year was a painted 6pt Anglo Dane faction. James offered Scots or Irish, I chose Irish. He wanted a 4ft x 4ft gaming table, you wont find one of them on my website as I dont often accept commissions of that nature any more due to workload, however James being aware I can do them desired this in return for the Saga  faction, so I accepted. We will have both gained something that will very much be used by us both without having to spend any further money.

The observant among you will have spotted the new web ring gadget in the upper left of the blog, this will navigate you to other members of the group who are adopting the community currency principle. Each one will have this gadget on their own blogs to show they are open to a swap. There is also a new Tab at the top of this very blog for my own offerings.

James has also started to gather thoughts on a blogger's convention, another of his I have a great idea moments, details e.t.c. to be organised and would like your input on the idea please take a moment to pop over and comment HERE

The final part of this post is to inform you that I have  hopefully finished tinkering with the make over of the blog. Hopefully I have improved the final look and feel of the pages and improved the links and labels to aid navigation through my mutterings and aimless drivel.
I have also changed the fonts and size of the damn things to make reading a little easier. Relocated many of the gadgets and altered the placement for easier viewing.

As always I would appreciate your feedback and if you can spot anything that is not right please leave me a message.

19 June 2013

Block house "Loki" style - Part 1

I got one of the Warbases  block houses to add to my scenery for the French Indian Wars, and decided that I would do a few modifications. materials needed, plasticard, 6mm dowel, medium talus, kebab skewers, coffee stirrers and 5mm square balsa.
The kit itself is fantastic and can be built and painted up as is, but I wanted to give mine a more enhanced look. I started by adding some interior details to the upper floor. Coffee stirrers
As this is essentially a gaming piece for Muskets and Tomahawks, I decided not to cut a hole in the floor and make a ladder to go between the two levels. As movement between floors will still use an action.
Next up I started cladding the exterior, to give it a realistic log finish. Kebab skewers are just the right size.
The bottom of the building gets some stone work detailing ( medium talus) around the lower perimeter. I also reduced the lower section window height by 4 mm as I wanted them to be more like small firing slots than square window holes.
Next job was to start cladding the top section exterior, and make a larger roof. The roof was extended by 10mm cut from plasticard to account for the extra thickness of the log cladding and allow me to add some heavy timber supports (6mm Dowel).

18 June 2013

Huge Brain Fart

Apologies to all who have spurious updates appear in the name of Loki during the last couple of hours.

In my wisdom I decided that I needed to clean my blog up a little and condense some of the labels to make easier searching for stuff. However my big fat stupid fingers have obviously pushed a few wrong buttons. Whilst my brain failed to engage on what they were doing.
Now I have to thank Kev for pointing out my stupidity ( He always does take these opportunities) as he phoned me to ask when did I do some Lasalle play-testing of home brew amendments, I replied 2 years ago, it was then he told me I had just blogged it !! Yep I had amended the post date in error.

I have also published a couple of dodgy drafts that I was preparing. So my most sincere apologies to you all. Hopefully normal service will resume in the coming hours. I do hope that the blog will look far tidier once I have completed the task and you can find posts more efficiently in the future


17 June 2013

Like Father Like Son

Sometimes the idioms of life come true, and my Loki's in training decided the best toys in the shop were :

Yes these two are already a handful, affectionately nicknamed as Seven and Five. One being a right hander and the other a left hander they employ the massed attack well. SWMBO decided on the grounds of Health and Sanity this particular toy was unsuitable for purchase, after the two of them decided the best thing to show her how good they were, and how much they wanted them, was to hold a fight in the middle of the shop... Hmmmm wonder were they get that from

16 June 2013

What can or does blogger do for me and you ?

This post has been prompted by me reflecting on recent events in my life and some thought provoking posts by fellow bloggers.

One of those posts is here and invokes the definite feeling of community spirit that could be achieved if we all  adopt the principle. James came up with the post after we had a discussion about some wish lists. He had mentioned painting a spare Saga force and putting it up for sale, me wanting another force for my use enquired about a purchase and before you know it we are discussing a skill set swap. Now this is not a problem for me its a concept I like, as both people should get something they both desire out of the venture with out losing out. I have done this before, and have Kevin painting 15mm ACW for me in return for his gaming tables and terrain. So I will be creating a Community Currency page in the near future.

Another post I read said basically that if you go beyond block painting you should just stop F***ing about, or you end up with pointless works of art !!! and that it was the fault of good figure painters that miniatures were now too detailed.
I would say that the hobby has moved on since the dark ages and we are blessed in our hobby with some great sculptors and they sculpt to the demand of the masses, so on that basis there is a demand for detailed figures. Now I cant paint to the high standards of some figure painters we all get exposed to but I can paint reasonably well. When I buy figures, I buy quality figures, I want detail and I paint them to the best of my ability and how I want them to look. I like the effect of nice shading and highlights and I am not afraid to play games with them. After all they are my figures, it does not matter that I may have to wait a small amount of time to paint them to a better standard, I play with my toys and for me I am not wasting my time. However I do understand the block and dip and shove on the table mentality I just don't like it personally.

So as you can see from these two examples blogger opens you to a world of differing views, and its good we are all different, even if we disagree on occasions. It provides food for thought and healthy debate.

The other thing blogger can do for you is get you involved, be it some research or poking fun, some body will always offer some help or advice or you may be able to offer some if asked. The internet and blogger in particular can make you feel part of a wider community. It is good for building a network of like minded friends. Obviously the internet has its pitfalls but as adults there is always the nuke I mean block function for those who really irritate :)

The bloggers for charity project has me very inspired at present and combining efforts with the team, has boosted my confidence. Using our combined knowledge and resources is really proving to be very useful.

What are your experiences of blogger, have they helped you in similar ways?

14 June 2013

Mid way through the year a review 2013

January seems a long time ago now, but back then I set myself some TARGETS for the year. So as we swing into the second half of the year I thought I would take stock of the current situation and my progress towards the goals I set.

Now regular readers will know I have a real problem with the war gamers butterfly, the aim was to be focussed and in control for the year to see some projects completed so I had balance.
I.E. both forces for certain conflicts and games that I play.

1. 6 point Anglo Dane force for Saga (not even started this one, but may have solved this in another way)

2. 50 stands of Union ACW (Kev is steadily working through the lead pile for this one)

3. Desert Rats or Americans for the desert. ( I have completed this one with a British Heavy armoured company)

I am also pleased to have completed my half of the Zulu project. Sadly though progress on the Napoleonic's is almost at a stand still and will probably be saved now for the winter challenge as the butterfly has taken over see further down the page.

I have met a couple of important personal blog targets this year, firstly I did manage to get 100 followers, I am grateful to all of you who take the time to join me in this venture and give your time to read my ramblings. I have also managed to increase my output, hopefully without to many rubbish posts, and have already exceeded last years total post count.

The last part of my plan was to build terrain for several projects and that area is fully on course and should be met at the year end.

The Napoleonic issue is the area that I have been curve balled by that butterfly, I got into Muskets and Tomahawks, and have diverted a fair bit of time into that instead. In addition to that I decided it was time to give something back and joined James in the Bloggers for Charity planning, and will be devoting plenty of time to ensure that venture is completely successful.

I look forward to the second half of the year, as I will be making a start on the Tables for the demo game, and I will be painting both Ray and Fran's prizes from my draw.

13 June 2013

The Blue and The Grey (part 2)

The forces of the South continue to grow and the first 60 infantry are now based and flocked ready to fight for glory!!

In all twenty stands of boys from the deep South down Louisiana way!! Kev's painting is superb and I take far to long basing these units up as I admire each figure. He certainly has grasped the battle worn look I desired for these.

 I also have the next batch on the workbench to base up, so they should keep me busy until I get my new glasses.

11 June 2013

Blimey, I found something useful

Its strange when you buy things years ago and put them away and come to discover them a lot later.

Many years ago I used to own a sizable 28mm Confederate force and had started collecting items of terrain to complement the gaming table. Time passed and the army got sold a long time ago to fund another project, however it appears that an item of terrain had been shoved in a box and forgotten.

 I found a timber gun redoubt set from, I believe Redoubt enterprises the same manufacturer as my figures were. So I thought it was high time it got completed and sent to a new home. I know just the person this is suitable for now it will serve for most periods as well which is very handy.

I'm sure the lucky recipient will blog the full redoubt once he gets it so wont spoil the fun for him by revealing all the details. I enjoyed making this set up and will benefit from playing games that this will feature in many times over in future.
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