29 June 2012

More Fantasy Madness

This time its the iminent release of the Mantic rules Kings of War, that has caused the latest butterfly effect for me.

I had no issue until Kelly decided to treat me to a box of 10 Mantic Elves to see how these would paint up, I deeply suspect a sub plot somewhere amongst this. I was happily ticking along on the premise of us testing out the rules before hurtling headlong into a new game.

Anyhow I painted a couple of Elves and am quite surprised at the level of detail in such slender figures.

I am pleased with the basic look of the Elves but the shields need a bit more work, the elvish symbol for tree looks ok but the greens are needing something.
Now I can already hear you saying The skeleton is a funny looking Elf and you would be right. Kelly liked the Elves and asked if I would paint him an undead figure for his army for him to replicate. He wanted a theme for them and between us we decided to make them look like Crusaders.

Off to purchase the full Elven army now, just have to sneak it past the wife or I will be back serving hard labour again.

24 June 2012

O Fence

This month has seen me make some large strides into making my own personal terrain. Yes its true after 4 years of making the stuff for a living I finally got around to making some for myself. Spurred on by my grand plans for a few years time and the sheer volume of terrain that will be required.

I will be concentrating on ACW items predominantly then move onto more generic items later.

Now no self respecting wargames table in this period is devoid of fencing, different types and lots of it are required. I started with the plain standard rail fences.
I have made a lot of this style, its time consuming but the end result is worth it. I need to make a few more corner sections before moving onto snake rail fences.

That is 4 T sections, 6 X sections, 16 corner sections, 6 broken sections, 4 gapped sections, 14x 200mm straight sections, 18 gate sections, 20 x 50mm straights and 40 x 100mm straights.

Next up was some log pile defences.

20 x 100mm sections and 20 x 50mm sections this should be plenty for most games as thats equivilent to 10ft in length.

The next lot are still a WIP. I am costructing some earthwork defences at present.

Here's a close up of one I completed before going into full production, again I will be making around 10ft of the stuff with some internal and external bends.

The final item for this post is a section of sunken road.

23 June 2012

Quiet but productive

I have finally served my pennace for the overspending at Triples, and have almost completed the garden landscaping SWMBO set for me thank God its been raining for the last three weeks as its given me time to concentrate on some personal projects.

Im going to split them over several posts in the coming days as there is a fair amount of bits and for different projects.

First up is something that got me in the mess in the first place and that is Empire of the Dead. My original plan was a rule book and one faction, but like most wargamers a final decision came hard and bought two factions. This has a benefit because I can loan a faction out to be used by someone in the club.

The Gentlemans club comes with 8 rather nice sculpts that I have painted and based to be part of a street scene.

I will do some better pictures when I have time as my camera had a flat battery so used my old one for these pictures.

The Vampires are a 6 figure set with two additional bat swarm bases to be honest these were the extras but well worth the trouble I got into.

Next up will be the personal terrain I have been working on. Heres a glimpse of what follows in the next post.

2 June 2012

Another month rolls by!

A dismal May for me with nothing done at all after the mid May update to speak of.

The wife has been making me suffer for the massive spending sprees and loss of Family time through me attending too many wargames shows recently. The penalty for this has been to re-landscape all 100ft of our back garden and sort out the front of the house and make it tidy and install the drive I have put off for the last 3 years.
Yep I am firmly deep in the shit and likely to be there for a while to come. So far I have dug out a hedge from the front garden and started building the fence to replace it. Lifted 100 or so limestone slabs and began to re-lay them to make a proper path doen the garden. Levelled the rear garden in preparation to turf it and dug 100ft of flower border.

The only other thing I have done was to sort out the clubs woodland issue and created 9 woodland bases boards and re based 30 trees.

I wont be setting a target for June at all as I cant see me acheiving anything in reality. If I manage to do anything it will be a bonus.
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