29 April 2012

April comes to a close

So what exactly have I done this month.
At first I thought I had not done much this month, as I had not felt like much had been achieved but on reflection a fair amount of figures have been completed.

I started the month with basing a small amount of dwarves. Pictures already posted.
Then I actually finished a major target for the year being my Vikings for Saga with the finishing of 8 hearthguard, 4 beserkers and the painting and conversion of 12 archers. For a total of 24 figures.

Mid month saw a diversion get in the way of the DAK, with the conversion of 3 skink models and the painting of 5 Dinosaurs.

I also received my very nice Indians from Kev and based those too!

However I got back onto track and ignored any further work on the Lizardmen save painting up the Cheiftain I had converted and set about those damned tanks.

Now originally the target was 1500 pts but this got increased so whilst I was painting tanks I thought I may as well get the extra points completed at the same time. Apart from one diversion Im there. Some of the extra points needed came from the Stuka (already pictured earlier).

That just left me 10 tanks but the expansion took that to 12 tanks.
well im pleased to report they are done and Im just finishing off the basing as can be seen in the image above, now added to the force are 5 panzer III g's, 2 panzer IV f1's and 5 panzer II's. I even squeezed an extra in for more points after all every Dak force should be led by a mighty warrior.

So here's Rommel and 'Grief ' I will post some more pictures once the force is based completely. The only diversion being I have run out of Testors Dullcote and cant dull all the vehicles until I get some more.
Well thats another month drawn to a conclusion. Im not sure what my plans are for the next month I may go freestyle again rather than set a rigid target.

22 April 2012

A long Post

First up I was lucky enough to get to Salute yesterday and there was a lot to see and do. I didnt get to do everything I had set out to achieve unfortunately and could not get to meet fellow bloggers Fran and Ray, (something I will rectify on another occasion). This was possibly due to me spending a lot of time at Gripping beast and meeting Alex from studio tomahawk at the saga demo tables and passing away a good amount of time there.
I did get hold of some new shiney toys toy in the form of :

These are exceptionally nice sculpts and being a limited edition set I just had to have them. I know just who will bring out the best in this set, all will be revealed later in this post.

I have always liked the American war of Independance as a period to play and the new skirmish rules from Studios tomahawk were a must for me so I had to ensure I had a copy. I read them through a few times already and will be assembling a force or two for this shortly and will give a review on here.

So what else have I been up to well I have made some progress this week, not in a tank direction but that's life.
I have done the air support for my DAK Panzer's in the form of a nice Zvesda Stuka. I found a nice image for the colour scheme and camo pattern and set about a recreation.

Then I got on with the Dinosaurs I had for the next Bloodbowl Team. Again Salute failed to provide the remainder of the team due to lack of time but I can order them online when I am ready.

This Spinosaurus will be the Kroxigor Figure, he really is a size but fitted nicely to a 30mm base.

Next up is Sucomimous (I think I spelt that right) this will be one of the 6 Saurus I need.

These little fellows whose names I forget will be 3 of the 9 skinks in the team.

Talking of Skinks in my last post I mention converting a figure and Making my own Skink Chief, well here are the end results of the modifications and painting.

The last entry for today was kindly painted by my good friend Kev over at the Cabin. His painting style has really done these justice and the fact that he broke out the green stuff to modify these for me too was a great bonus. All I had to do was base these fellows up now I'm ready for Legends of the Old west.

You can now see who will end up painitng the Skraelings. I could never paint native Indians this good IMHO

19 April 2012

Works in progress this month

Recently I have had the attention span of zero, flitting from one project to the next and distracted by anything new.
I started the month with the DAK tanks but as mentioned before, I find these a little boring and if anything I should stick with them if only to complete the project. I wasn't helped here by the fact that I now need to boost the force to 1750 points. The cure for this is a couple more tanks and some air support.
As you can clearly see only two more nearly completed, however with the exception of the 2 extras I need they are all base painted and shaded, just all the detail work and basing to go.

I then got distracted by a purchase I made at Vapnartak back in February and the recent defeat in the blood bowl league made me think I ought to get a head start on next years team. I decided to start on the Dinosaurs that will become my lizard man team. I will be looking for a name for this lot soon.
I'm pleased with the basic colour scheme and only have a small amount to paint for this as I have yet to purchase the remainder of the team, something I will resolve at Salute this weekend.

The biggest distraction came from my wife who came back from a trip to town unexpectedly with a bag of 37 skinks, I blame Kelly for this as he lent me the Lizardmen codex's and my little lad reads them constantly pointing out how he likes this model and that model. She decided that I ought to curry to his wishes and henceforth I have also got a Lizardman army to complete now.

The fun thing is I have been doing some conversion work, having decided to make a unit of 24 in rank and 12 skirmishers from the package it left 1 figure that I could convert to a skink chief. So out came my sundries box and some milliput.

I started to paint the figure before taking pictures but realised quickly and the only bit obscured was the shoulder joint I reconstructed after ensuring the blowpipe was positioned in the mouth.I added feathers and jewellery to the crest, a feather to the shield and some blowpipe dart holders to both legs finishing with a tail amulet.
I went online to find a musician and standard bearer for the skink unit that will be ranked and to my horror found that 2 figures was £7.70 and though F*** that, so I decided to convert a couple of extra figures.
after all here's what £7.70 gets you.
Lizardmen Skink Standard Bearer and Musician 2

I'm sorry its a bit blurred but a simple job really and a lot cheaper than the official figures. A moment of inspiration saw me take a draco standard from my Anglo Danes after cutting of the shaft, and drilling and pinning to a wire I completed the standard then removed the weapon from the lizardmans arm hey presto a standard bearer. The musician was simply a question of creating some form of instrument then I remebered pan pipes are predominant in the South Americas the region of the world this faction is inspired by so from standards shaft I created a set of pipes, then remodelled the arms to get a playing pose and job done. Now all I have to do is paint these up :)

9 April 2012

Saga Campaign round 1 update

Our two Norman players met on the field of battle Thursday night to give a conclusion to round 1 of this campaign.

Alexandre de Grieu took the honours and managed a victory in the 4pt clash of warlords battle against Dux Frank le Unready, who lived up to his name. Alexandre took a bonus of 8pts from the combat (this is the points difference between victor and loser), de Grieu is now firmly at the top of the leaderboard with a hefty 15pts.

Both the winner and loser of combat got to roll a dice and the result is then emailed to them ready for the next turn.

As umpire I tried to stay completely neutral so the wild tribes are all dice rolled for when encountered (this also stops me forgetting what happens) the combat results tables are also set down firmly so the benefits or negatives are set in stone. The Isle of Man and two other secret locations also follow a seperate results table.

Round 2 looks promising as most players have very close neighbours and this hopefully will result in plenty of combat oppertunities for all.

7 April 2012

2 Targets for the year completed

At long last I have completed the Vikings for Saga.

Its been a struggle to finish with all the distractions but Kieron's desire to get a Flames of war campaign going, along with Aneurin doing a Warhammer and Legends of the Old West thing. I will need to crank up the painting rate.

So I took two days off work this week to get the painting on the Vikings completed. I rarely take time off work to paint but needs must on occasion.

I only intended to do a 12pt force originally but with the playtesting I had done for the Jomsvikings I needed to add to the force to give them some variety.

the full force now is:
1 Warlord ( Jarl Snorri Ravenmaster)
6pts of Hearthguards (24 figures)
2pts of Beserkers (8 figures) I can use these as 1pt of warriors or 2pts of hearthguard for variety.
4pts of Warriors (32 figures)
2pts of levy archers (24 figures)

Thats a total of 14pts to choose from for Vikings or 12 pts for Jomsvikings as no levy are available for them.

Apology's for the poor quality pictures my usual area was unavailable.

Finally the 12 Levy archers, now when I bought these I had 3 packs all the same so had to do some work with milliput and colour schemes to make them look different as can be seen in the pictures below.

5 April 2012

Its a start

I havent painted many more dwarves as Craig has been painting them for me in exchange for Saga tables and terrain. With Aneurin starting a campaign shortly I have to get some basing completed so have started with some of the larger pieces having finally decided on a basing theme.

Fist up the Gyrocopter.

I dispensed with the clear base and mounted a feature rock on an mdf base. Then drilled and pinned the clear stem through the rocks to ensure stability.

Next up was the Anvil of Doom. I had converted Thorgrim before giving this to Craig as when I received this he had no Hammer so out came the milliput and I made a new Hammer. I carried on with the rocky theme and I like the final effect.


4 April 2012

Saga Campaign opens

Having spent a couple of weeks resurrecting the Saga campaign from the fragments I held after the demise of the PC the club campaign is underway.

Round 1 has seen a few amusing results as some players encountered wild tribes, one tried a very bad assault to capture the Isle of man, but overall its off to a good start.
The campaign turn maps and league table can be found here http://wargamersfc.weebly.com/saga-campaign.html

In summary,
Earl Stubbo Stormbreaker has the early lead seizing two areas of land and winning a triumphant battle with a wild tribe, granting him the bonus of equipping 1 unit of his choice with extra armour when next in the field of battle.
Duc de mauvais des rouleaux, Jarl Timandahaf, Jarl Olaf the hairy, Earl Leofric the Grim, Chrysagon de la Creux, Earl Arthur Godwin and Jarl Snorri Ravenmaster all claimed additional lands without problem.
Alexandre de Grieu and Dux Frankly unready have both encountered a wild tribe and are locked in combat against each other.
Jarl Hogni Steffanson and Jarl Sven Svenson both ran into wild tribes and were stopped on their marches to gain territory.
Trystan Merfyn of Deheubarth perhaps was the unluckiest in turn one whilst trying to capture the Isle of Man for high reward succumbed to the Dice gods and lost the fight and in the ensuing struggle lost a longship costing him 10 victory points.

I will post the full results after the battle taking place this Thursday and open up for turn 2.
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