29 March 2012

Not much but something done

I have been very quiet on here this last month sorting out the pc mess and getting the business back on track. I have thankfully caught up with the outstanding orders and am on track to be fully sorted mid April.

So what have I been up to, well with 28 x 2ft square terrain sections and 10, 4ft x 2ft boards to complete alongside enough bocage and trees to cover an entire 6x4 table without gaps a lot but painting wise very little.

I have started another project, the wargamers butterfly effect took over and instead of Tanks I started painting my tropical uniformed Fallschirmjager. I traded my terrain skills for a box of unwanted lead and set about sorting them out into a useable force. I have sorted 90% of the figures and reckon on being able to have about 1500 points of Fallschirmjager when complete. I just could not resist painting and basing some up though. My starting point was a fairly easy one and I spent an evening painting them and another to base them up.

So here is the HMG platoon and command.

11 March 2012

Im Back

Well I've been lost the last couple of weeks not having any proper access to a PC.
I've learnt a valuable lesson, mainly to have a proper system for backing data up. Currently my Hard drive is being worked on by a specialist to try to restore some of the most valuable of my files those that are linked to my business.
I had a spare laptop briefly but the hinges on the display broke thus rendering that unusable too, just to add to the problems I was already facing. That now is also with the same person who is kindly making one complete fully functioning laptop out of two knackered ones.
In the meantime I have been charitably donated a pc today and having spent the afternoon sorting it all out and uploading stuff from a flash drive (see I do know to back somethings up I'm just to lazy to do it often).
Hopefully thats my run of bad luck finished for now they say it comes in threes well once was the main laptop, twicw was the second Laptop, the icing on the cake had to be the bag of peanut brittle I bought to console my losses broke a bloody tooth making it three.

Thats it for now hopefully back to normal service later this week
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