29 May 2011

Painting White Uniforms

I just cant seem to get enough white uniformed Infantry these days. After The slog of painting Napoleonic Saxons, I decided to switch for a while and paint some Polish troops for a support option, after 3 battalions of Blue uniforms I could not resist painting the 13th line in the white uniform again to break up the sea of blue. I am painting this unit again as I had an offer for the two battalions and the sub commander I had previously painted that I could not turn down so sold them.

So here is how I paint white uniforms.

I always brush my primers on and use a cheap black paint to do the job. Most of this will be over painted as the figure progresses.
bare metal

The next stage is to block in the main uniform colour. The base I use for white is vallejo Buff.

Block painted uniform

Next I highlight the buff with an off white shade.

Next I start to add the uniform details, facing colours and final highlights to main uniform.

Base colour of the facings is added

Final highlight of white on uniform and highlight to facing colour

At this point I go onto the flesh, for me this is when the figure changes most and seems to come alive.

Base flesh is added

Then the flesh is highlighted twice.
For me this is the bulk of the figure painted and I move onto the equipment and belting, base coating and highlighting as i go.

27 May 2011

Inside my tiny painting cupboard.

Yes I do have a sppace to paint, and it is amazing just how much you can fit into a very small space when you organise it.
We have a small cupboard of of our living room that has a concrete ledge already built in that serves as the desk area.
the cupboard is 3 ft deep and 2ft 6inch wide.
Just enough room for me to sit and paint at in the evenings. I have maximised the space by fitting several wall mounted shelves on the back wall that keep all the un-needed items of the small working area.
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