Vallejo Triad Charts

These triad combinations have all been tested to ensure they work together, some of the bigger tonal steps are designed for a more layered application. These are all free to download for non commercial use only, if you do publish anything from these documents then please give the correct attribution back to this site.

Each set of triads is downloadable as a PDF, which I have created using computer colour chips from Vallejo. Also available will be a copy of the Picture of the hand painted triads so you can see they work and have the more correct colouration.

I have tried to be as thorough as possible in these charts without the need to mix colours, but please note that other combinations will be available as you get more practised at using the paints and experimenting. If you do have a straight Triad that you use that I have not listed please send me the details via the contact form and I will add them to the sheets.

The PDF's are organised giving you the following information for each colour.

The background colour is a computer generated approximate match.
The number in brackets is the colour chart / rack position as per the Vallejo paint chart and display racks.
The name of the colour and the last 3 digits of the vallejo paint code complete the information.
PLEASE NOTE that while the images below may only show the bracket number either in or out of brackets the PDF's contain all relevant information as shown above so you can identify the colours easily.





PLEASE NOTE : there are two images in the Google drive to accompany the PDF ( I am just saving some page space).


Vallejo has some odd tones between the green and brown spectrum in their charts these are those

PLEASE NOTE : there are three images in the Google drive to accompany the PDF ( I am just saving some page space).


All the images of the hand painted triads and PDF files can be downloaded from HERE
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