14 July 2017

Well I just had to really, did I not?

Safely ensconced in the new Great Hall it was fitting that I started with some painting from my own lead pile. Now back in November of last year I spent some time compiling a Norse Gael saga force from some boxes of plastic vikings and green stuff for the necessary conversions I needed to make. For those that have not seen this then the video below will explain the work done.

So after a lengthy hiatus and having sorted through various projects of my own I decided that I dont have room for every project or figure I have acquired over the years and will have to trim down a little. I am therefore going to clear out certain items over the coming year and re order things a touch. First up is the Norse Gaels and in order to do this I had to finish them off.

I know some of you will be thinking he must be mad but I am also building up collections of dark age figures in 10mm for playing To the Strongest and have had to think long and hard about storage and space in the new workroom and gaming area. So sacrifices have to be made and I will be using any funds received from the sales to re invest into my 10mm collections so it is not all bad news.

Right that is enough waffle from me, I hope you enjoyed the videos and until nex time thank you for visiting.



  1. Lovely to see these finished Andre, great work and good to see the amount of modifications you had to make too.

  2. Those are very nicely done figures.


  3. They simply look great, really nicely done!


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