22 May 2017

Partizan Haul

I spent yesterday at the Partizan show, helping to run the participation and demo games of the new Napoleonic skirmish rules called Forager. The rules are not currently available, they are due for kickstarter mid to late August this year. Sadly I was so busy talking all day I forgot to take any pictures. However as Brigantes studio has been working alongside Stand to Games on this venture I can assure you good readers that I will have plenty to show in the coming months to make up for it.

So the main point of the post my haul from the show..

A copy of Over the Hills  Napoleonic rules. Having been invited to play a game using these rules recently and having a great day out I have invested in a copy for future use. Handy that I know both authors and will be gaming with them also helps.

Commands and Colors Napoleonics - This is to play with my boys mainly. I do plan on eventually dispensing with the blocks and using 10mm figures but that really is going to be a back burner project, unless I commission the painting to another painter..

Lots of shiny new lead which I alluded to in my previous post and will cover in a bit more detail in a post later this week.As I will be spending the rest of today sorting these out according to my spreadsheet and OOB.

That wraps up this rather short post, so thank you for reading..



  1. Looks like a decent haul of plunder :)

  2. Nice to have you back in Blogland my good man!! And that's a decent haul you've got yourself there too!

  3. Good to hear that you are out and about causing mischief. :)

  4. Nice haul! I've just cracked open my C&CN after a long time on the shelf.

  5. Nice to see you back mate. I like the goodies too!

  6. Thanks for all the kind words folks its appreciated


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