12 May 2017

Back and making plans for the year ahead..

Sorry for my absence, work pressures and dealing with my own health, have kept me very occupied for many months. As those who have been following my You tube account will have seen I have not updated that for many months. I have been working though on many work related projects. Forager a new set of Napoleonic skirmish rules, has and will be keeping myself and Kevin at Brigantes Studio for many months to come. I have also been painting Aztecs for another customer, who will be releasing a full range of buildings to accompany them as well as rules, but I am unable to divulge any more information at this time. I have also been commissioned by the authors to paint two very large Napoleonic armies each around 25 battalions plus cavalry and artillery for upcoming supplements to the increasingly popular Over The Hills rules .

This means I have had to make some hard choices, and those affected will be contacted by me directly as I really can not find the time to fit any other work alongside the current commitments listed above, try as hard as I have their are not enough hours in a day and I have struggled to work everything into the time I have, losing even more time as my head got messed up trying to resolve the problem myself and it just will not work out. So I am going to have to bite the bullet swallow a huge dose of pride and let a couple of people down.

Now having said all the above I have decided to commit to a personal project: It is not going to be without issue as time is going to be a major factor that will slow this project down significantly but I am happy for this to run over a couple of years if need be or is more likely to take. Its my own retirement present.

I want to make have a nice 28mm Napoleonic force again, and this time something that I have never owned, so no Saxons, French, British, Russians because I have had them in the past. Austria and Spain are also a no go, with both of these armies being painted on commission by me I do not relish doing either for myself far too much white..

That leaves Prussians, Minor nations, Italians and Wurttemburg but I have dismissed these in favour of Bavaria..

I am using the Ebelsberg 1809 Order of Battle as my reference for this project, which when completed will give me a very sizeable force to use in future games.
I have a thing for the Foundry Range of Bavarians so they will be making the bulk of my force, with some additions coming from the Perry miniatures range, although the latter are a little taller the elements I need from them are going to be on their own bases so should not look out of place.

VII (Bavarian) Corps

Marshal Francois Joseph Lefebvre
  • Artillery Reserve: Colonel Calonge
    • Three 12-pdr position batteries (18 guns)
  • 1st Bavarian Division: Lieutenant-General Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria
    • Brigade: General-Major Rechberg
      • 1st Habermann Light battalion
      • Leib Regiment (2 battalions)
      • 2nd Prince Royal Regiment (2 battalions)
    • Brigade: General-Major Stengel
      • 4th Salern Regiment (2 battalions)
      • 8th Duc Pius Regiment (2 battalions)
    • Cavalry Brigade: General-Major Zandt
      • Minuzzi Dragoon Regiment (2 squadrons)
      • Prince Royal Chevau-léger Regiment (4 squadrons)
    • Artillery: Two 6-pdr foot batteries, 6-pdr horse battery (18 guns)
  • 2nd Bavarian Division: Lieutenant-General Karl Philipp von Wrede
    • Brigade: General-Major Minuzzi
      • 6th Laroche Light battalion
      • 3rd Prince Karl Regiment (2 battalions)
      • 13th Regiment (2 battalions)
    • Brigade: General-Major Beckers
      • 6th Duc Wilhelm Regiment (2 battalions)
      • 7th Löwenstein Regiment (2 battalions)
    • Cavalry Brigade: General-Major Preysing
      • König Chevau-léger Regiment (4 squadrons)
      • Leiningen Chevau-léger Regiment (4 squadrons)
    • Artillery: Two 6-pdr foot batteries, 6-pdr horse battery (18 guns)
  • 3rd Bavarian Division: Lieutenant-General Bernhard Erasmus von Deroy
    • Brigade: General-Major Siebein
      • 5th Buttler Light battalion
      • 9th Isenburg Regiment (2 battalions)
      • 10th Juncker Regiment (2 battalions)
    • Brigade: General-Major Vincenti
      • 7th Günter Light battalion
      • 5th Regiment (2 battalions)
      • 14th Preysing Regiment (2 battalions)
    • Cavalry Brigade: General-Major Seydewitz
      • Taxis Dragoon Regiment (4 squadrons)
      • Bubenhoven Chevau-léger Regiment (4 squadrons)
    • Artillery: Two 6-pdr foot batteries, 6-pdr horse battery (18 guns)

    I will use a 50% reduction to represent each artillery battery, so 3 guns and crew each. The infantry battalions will all be 24 figures. Cavalry will be in 12's, brigade commanders will be based singly while the divisional commands will have 2 or more figures. I have the total figure count at 1104 currently, counting mounted as 2 figs, guns at 3 figs, and infantry/ artillery crews singly
    That leaves me now working out which version of Cornflower blue I prefer, the non historical wargamers light blue or the more accurate darker blue as shown in the image below..
    Well that's all for now and thanks for reading.



    1. Glad to see you've got plenty to keep you out of mischief, even though we all know that isn't going to work ;)

      The most important thing is to look after your health - take care of yourself mate :)

      1. Thanks Tamsin, the head is working again but I have had to admit defeat on a couple of other projects and let them go for my sanity.

    2. Love the Bavarians, one of my favourites! Looking forward to seeing these guys over the next few years.

      1. Thanks Rodger, I will enjoy Showcasing them for you.

    3. Oh yes Bavarians should look very cool, a fun project indeed.
      Do what you can mate, and enjoy yourself, sounds like some interesting projects to be involved with.

      1. Cheers John, I am looking forward to the Bavarians, plenty of colour to play with in them.

    4. Looking forward too to see your Bavarians grow over time - but looking at one´s own health is second to none, so take care.

    5. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the Bavarians

    6. So glad to hear from you Andrew and I do hope that you have got things on a an even keel again. You know more than most the importance of balance and I'm sure the focus of your new project will help greatly. Take care Loki.

      1. Thank you Michael, I will have things back under control fully when I have spoken to the two clients affected at Partizan by my decision. It is funny but I did not realise just how busy Brigantes Studio would become when myself and Kevin started. In turn this caused me to accept work that has become impossible to complete due to contracts and deadlines imposed. So I have had to make the hardest choice possible, I hate having to let anyone down, it fills me with remorse that I am unable to do the projects. However I must or it will affect the other work and my work life balance that I have worked so hard to adjust over the last two years. The new project, is my focus point to stop me having the balance issues and hopefully straighten the old noggin when it gets clouded at times.

    7. I am glad to see you back marra you can only do so much this is a job that is hard to get right when you are under pressure . Your work will always shine even if you can't complete as many commissions as you would like . Good luck with your Bavarians marrra 😉.
      Regards Gav .

    8. Good to see you back and blogging, Loki, hope to see more of your posts in the near future!

      1. I will do my best to be a touch more regular Evan, thank you for still reading my blog.

    9. Good to hear your ok bud.

    10. Good to hear that you are OK. Hope to see more posts from you soon! And that's certainly one impressive project to undertake!

    11. Great to see you back and on the road to good health. Take care of yourself mate.


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