5 November 2016

Holy Moly !!! I actually painted something from my own lead pile

I needed a bit of a diversion, I have been working a very large ongoing Napoleonic commission for months, and really needed to take a chill pill for the sake of my own sanity. I have many months ahead of the same, so staring at me across the room I have a rather large pile of plastic Dark age figures. Some kindly donated, others I have bought I had great plans for these but now I am unsure of the destination.

Anyway I decided to build a small 4 point Viking Warband as a start point, using only 25 figures it wont make a huge dent in the pile but it's a reduction at the very least. So out came cutters, files, glue and bits n' bobs from my spares boxes and I set too.

Now as I have done of late I videoed the initial build. shown below.

There are another two videos of the work in progress but you can find these if you visit my You tube page.

This is the finished result though. I have to admit they look fine to me for a wargames standard paint job.

For those who would like a better look them I have made a very short video of the them in a little more detail.

So thats me done for now until next time thanks for stopping by



  1. Nice looking warband Loki :)

  2. Well you have to be pleased with them, great to see Vikings in the Great Hall again.

  3. Those look great. What the world needs is more VIKINGS!

  4. Fantastic work!
    The shields look amazing :D

  5. Very nice indeed mate. Love the striped trews on the warlord.

  6. These are great, Loki - your shield design unifies the warband very nicely! Or in the words of the Dude, "Really ties the warband together, man..."
    : )

  7. Great looking warband and I like the shield design and that everyone has the same motif, really brings the warband together. Something to work on the future here...

    Cheers, Ross

  8. Well Done Loki, haven't seen the vid yet as been away but great to see you getting troops from your stash done!!!


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