3 November 2016

3rd Game of To the Strongest - Greece vs Persia

Last week saw myself and Kevin again on childcare duty and we organised another game of to the strongest, bouncing theater and period we went with a classic. Macedonia against Persia. I took a standard force as the Macedonians, just a normal commander against Kev with the hordes of Darius.

 The Persians on the left and the Greek force on the Right as we commence Battle.
Both commanders take the fight to the enemy, and soon things are getting a little disordered.
However Darius is not fairing too well and the Macedonians are pushing him back, having lost almost all his cavalry on the flank at this stage.
Things get desperate for both commanders as Darius tries hard to rally his forces, while I try hard to kill them off, both of us don't seem to be able to break the stalemate at this stage.
Finally with his Infantry hit from both flanks and from the front the strain is too much for Darius to withstand and Victory comes to the Macedonians.

Once again the rules gave a great game and the card system is a total success in bringing balance to the game. All three games have been a lot of fun and have made for some great games. It has me enthusiastic that we may have just found a great rule set that gives the right flavour and feel for our needs. Dare I say it may even coax me into some purchases.....

Well folks that is all for this brief post until next time.



  1. Looks a good game bud, really need a lot more Persians LOL


    1. I was more fortunate with the cards the game played very well

  2. Did you layout a temporary string grid over your hex terrain? I really must give TtS a try.

  3. Awesome. That's an Ace looking game, If it inspires army collection growth then you know it's good. Cheers

    1. It is good fun to play and I agree very inspiring


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