25 October 2016

To the Strongest - Vikings verses English Kingdoms.

With the boys off from school I am on parental duties for the week and as yesterday resulted in me getting no work done so to speak it seemed a good opportunity for me to drop in on Kevin who has his boys this week and while they all play together, we can use the time to have another game of To the Strongest. So with plans made I travelled the 15 minutes to Kev's for a little Dark Age run out.

We are both taking a crash course in the Ancient period rules at present having been asked to play test the ECW version, something we are both looking forward too. We have played a Britons verses Rome Game and had a great time with us finding our way in the game after a couple of turns and only had a couple of questions to resolve with Mr Miller the rules author who duly explained the issues and we understood. So lesson two came around today and this time we jumped periods I choose 120 points of Vikings from the early medieval list and Kevin choose 120 points of English Kingdoms. We decided it would be an Invasion scenario with my camp edging a tributary of a river and it was his job to stop me pillaging the countryside.

Kevin has his forces deployed on the left of the picture above. While I am on the right.
A close up of Snorri Whitebeards plundering vikings.
On the Kevin's right flank, my left after a couple of turns, which seemed to contain a lot of aces for both players in the command phase we were getting closer to combat.
While Kevin's Left flank and my right Flank had stalled, those damned aces again causing havoc with cohesion of units
First blood came to the Vikings as they quickly dealt with a unit of light infantry caught in the open, and closed in on an English division.
The Vikings then threw a small division on the other flank to try and pull Kevs center apart.
Kev tried to rally his Kings body guard as the Vikings closed in from all sides, is that an Ace I see.
However the brave English held firm and started inflicting disorder on the viking force who were being done for by those aces or bad command cards at the wrong time.
After an epic struggle the English triumphed and stole a very narrow win, with both sides having lost a division each to demoralisation, but a stroke of luck for the English came as a series of excellent command cards meant that the vikings lost another unit and handed over the last of the victory medals.

I had an excellent day gaming and my boys had a great time playing, I fully expect another battle in the very near future. These rules have me quite enthusiastic and I am enjoying the feel of the game play, we will try out different armies again next time, before we run out the ECW playtest rules. I will do a review of the rules after several more games so that any opinion I give will be an objective and fair one, and not one based on a couple of games.

Well folks that is all I have for now thanks for reading.



  1. Replies
    1. It was a welcome relief to get another game in with these rules.

  2. Great looking game and nice to see you trying a few rules LOL


    1. We mainly play command and colours for this period but these rules are good and play a lot better than Fail Caeser

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun!! :D Cheers!

  4. Replies
    1. Great set of rules and gave a real flavour of the period

  5. Looks like it was a great game with a great set of rules. cheers


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