16 June 2016

Distractions or the butterfly effect in motion.

It is all to easy for me to be distracted when it comes to working on my own projects or figures. It has not helped that I have been trying to erect a new Great Hall in the garden, a project that has currently stalled somewhat due to the inherent British weather, when I have to work it is sunny, when I plan to spend a couple of days building it has invariably rained and often so heavy I have a lake to wade through, so instead I have been painting in my free time.

I should be working away at completing the unit of French that rocked onto the work bench after the Saracens were completed, pictured below.

This picture was taken a couple of days ago and they have advanced to almost complete, which is where is still have not managed to resist distracting myself with thoughts of what I will tackle next, so out came my Knotel plates and various PDF's from Rawkins in search of what to do with a battalion of French Light Infantry. I spent most of the day yesterday buried in books looking for that something different and I found the regiment D'Isembourg, it was of suitable dubious character serving in Italy, Spain and various other locations under the French Flag.

So what did I then go and do....

I damned well put a brush to a figure to create a test model to see if it looked good...

Not content with having completed the test model my brain then said you may as well start the whole company, so much for not getting distracted. I struggle to work out in my mind why I do this every time I work on my own figures. I don't do this when I am working on commissions I remain focused on the task in hand, maybe it's because they are my own figures and it does not matter if I float from one thing to another in a random pattern as long as I do finish them.

Right that's me off again need to make a couple of 1804 pattern flags for both of these units ..


  1. When a Loki flutters its wings in the Great Hall a whole new project is started! They do look stunning though.

  2. D'Isembourg! Now I'm distracted too! If they served in Spain, it would make for an interesting battalion for my own project. Nice work and handsome blue.

  3. Outside work in the UK - can't beat it! Still, it's an ill wind and all that - the figures look great!

  4. They are stunning Andrew! Just go with the flow mate.

  5. Sometimes you have to stick to the plan , sometimes you have to go with the flow. I enjoy seeing your work whatever the catalyst.

    There were some interesting units drawn into the vortex of Spain.


  6. Great work, I have recreated the regiment as well inspired by the plates done by Girbal!

  7. Nice work there Loki! Quite an interesting looking uniform colour for a French unit. Never seen the D'Isembourg regiment before.

    And I think it's always a good idea to switch between projects even if the previous one isn't complete yet. Keeps things fresh and at least for me helps counter a painting burnout that can often happen when just doing a single subject for a long time.


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