11 March 2015

First run out with the new Kallistra Terrain

We decided that we would have a fictional Jacobite Rebellion game as the inaugural run and test of the new terrain. Now while we use Black Powder as our rule set of choice we have substantially play tested and changed the movement mechanics and now our brigades are activated by cards. This really eliminates the Igo Ugo system nicely and makes every game very random. You know you will get the chance to activate the brigade but when it will activate is another matter all together.

Some gamers should come with a health warning regarding the pure inability to roll a dice!
Although credit has to be given for consistency after 4 straight failed command rolls he went from the position in picture 1 too:

Having everything leap off the road in columns and running into a wood disordering half the brigade, but with the cavalry poised to repel the advancing English Yeomanry!

Or perhaps not as the brave lads were broken in short order and running off table.

Meanwhile on the other Flank I had to protect the Whiskey still.

Against Hordes of advancing English!
Yep as usual I drew them on, well I would have but Kev was struggling having got bottlenecked crossing the river and failing to move for a fair few turns.

 Though the English were pushing forward hard on the Lowlanders in the centre and once over the bridge came on mass
 Volleys were exchanged

 Even Ian had started to turn the tide on the left flank
 However the casualties were mounting on both sides
Before we knew it the toll bell rang the Jacobites would have to break camp and find solace in the bottle as the English were just too strong for us.


  1. Card-driven Black Powder? Intruiging, might have to try that

  2. Great looking Game! Card activation sounds fun not one I've tried yet. I think more Woad was needed!!

  3. The board looks better than I thought it would. At least you saved the whiskey!

  4. Certainly worth selling a kidney for!

  5. The board looks pretty cool!!! A great looking game as well chaps!

  6. Looks damn lovely.
    Good game guys.
    looking forward to tomorrows ECW Hexathon rumble.

  7. Great looking game, no doubt!

  8. Looks very nice all round :)

  9. Nice gaming table Loki & Kev :)

  10. We use card driven activation in a number of games and it always works well. The table looks great BTW, well worth the investment.

  11. I can't take the blame for those 4 activations, I was given crap dice!!! :-)

    44 pips off 8 dice was some going including a blunder (that caused half my troops to be disordered).

    Great game, great fun and yes the terrain is very nice


  12. Great looking game Loki! Glad to see you were keeping an eye on the whiskey!

  13. Wow thats a beautiful table. Awesome!


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