16 November 2014

Warbases Weekend #2

This week I get to reveal to you the finished product that will shortly be available for purchase from Warbases.

If you go back through the warbases posts you will have seen me working away on some new scenery master models for cobbled roads to complement the existing bases.

Today I am pleased to unveil the fruits of my labours:
These are the new cobbled road sections, the section above is 150mm long x 100mm wide and has a few potholes to add character to your street scene.
The section above has the same dimensions as the previous section and contains a manhole. both sections feature quoined edges and have drains in place.
The final piece enables you to create a dead end and is 100mm wide x 20mm deep. the sections have all been sculpted so they match perfectly using either end. These will be on the workbench shortly as I need to paint these up for display but for now they have just been given a brown wash so you can see the detail easier.

They will be supplied with all three sections in a pack and are cast in grey resin, currently they do not have a retail price as Martin is awaiting more stock before making them widely available. I will update you all with the prices when I have them.



  1. Lovely. I don't have a use for it (yet), but I feel I ought to, if you know what I mean.

  2. They could prove useful, I bet they go like hot cakes.

  3. I really like these and it's a pity I don't have a use for them in games but I think I can use some on my deluxe sniper bases so will be getting a park or two.


  4. No plans for a such roads yet but actually they're looking excellent...

  5. Very very nice work Andrew! I'm sure there will be a lot of demand for these!

  6. Hola
    Buen trabajo,un gran empedrado
    un saludo

  7. Hi mate they are blooming amazing especially after seeing them for myself in the flesh. I am going to need a few of them but I also need, T junctions, junctions, bends too. I hope these will be coming along too


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