9 November 2014

Warbases Weekend #1

It is back and in a new slot, I have moved the weekly warbases update to the weekend so I can have more time to compile and work on the posts.

This weekend sees the official Launch of the first set of accessories for the stagecoach.

Priced at £7.50 this new set comprises of various items of baggage and a covered rear load.
Add to this the first of two characters for comprisin of a driver and shotgun rider in relaxed poses sculpted by Kevin at Brigantes studio.

Sadly the first set of horses for this set are not ready due to a small casting issue, and are therefore delayed at present as new masters are being made. The Driver and Shotgun rider are cast in two halves to give you good flexibility in pose options for your Stagecoach.

Let the wagons roll until next week



  1. An excellent piece of Kit. Really like the baggage. And congrats on Warbase Weekend No:1

  2. I like this, another one for the wish list.

  3. That is one heck of a nice set chap and Kev has done a good job on the sculpts. I am going to have to get these

  4. More Warbases goodies. Very nice

  5. They're churning out consistently nice stuff. Good oh!

  6. Will be getting these as soon as I have painted up some mounted cowboys, then the race is on


  7. These will add the perfect touch to that stagecoach. I'd like to see this all painted as a set when the horses are done.


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