17 November 2014

Napoleonic Peacocks, Popinjays and Dandies (part 1)

Well I am progressing nicely and almost feel back to my old self in most aspects of life so I have been continuing with my clearout of all the unpainted 28mm Napoleonic figures I have. Painting them up and selling them to raise funds for my new 15mm collections. Though a small spanner has caused the pile to increase somewhat but I can never resist a trade so have now added about 150 Front Rank 28mm figures to the lead pile in exchange for a whole bunch of 15mm Russians I bought far too many.

Anyway I digress. This week I have decided to have a somewhat relaxed week as I have multiple shrink and doctor visits that will interrupt me. So what better than to work on a couple of set pieces. The first of these really allows me to be creative with the colours, not too wild though but they will be bright and gaudy as they should be. I acquired a very nice Perry Miniatures ADC set from my good buddy Kevin and these are going to get some Loki treatment this week.

So here is the set almost in the raw, comprising of two adjutants writing and handing out orders, to four French ADC's, now the real beauty of this set is the uniforms do not place it firmly in any set part of the wars and as such they can be used to represent a whole host of flamboyant extravagance these fops were renowned for.

The first one I have decided to work based on a Knotel plate of an ADC to Marshal Soult.
He is not quite finished as I have a few little touches to add to complete this fine fellow. The combination of sky blue and yellow is certainly going to get this guy noticed.

He is still attached to his temporary painting base for now until I have decided exactly how I want to compose the Vignette.
I am happy with the start I have made on this, it is a nice change to the ranks of uniformed troops. Of course I shall keep you all updated with this project as we go through the week.



  1. This vignette is going to be fantastic, no doubt!

  2. He's looking quite extravagant. So I'm pretty sure this vignette will look awesome when finished.

  3. Hola
    Atento al final
    un saludo

  4. very nice... not much chance of him hiding... but its its a great colour scheme

  5. What a start mate and I am loving this set. Great skill on paint the yellow so nicely

  6. Fabulous start! It's hard not to marvel at your painting and the amazing uniforms.

  7. What a great looking figure!!! Top painting Loki!!!!

  8. This bloke looks the part eh? Nice work!

  9. Lovely work Andrew! I've got a big pile of the Knotel prints and there's load of great inspiration in there eh? I'm going to have to look this chap up now.

  10. Well done Andrew. Knotel is my go-to-guy for inspiration as well. Your diorama will be amazing, I have no doubt. I'm hoping that things continue to brighten for you in the days ahead.
    Michael P

  11. That's really sharp. Do you use a color wheel to pick opposite colors to bring more attention to a piece? Orange and blue are opposite each other on the color wheel and I see the sash is red into orange. The yellow is opposite of purple, so you might tweak the grey pants with a close purple shadow. I'm just goofing here really. I'll stick to canvas. The little guy looks great to me.

  12. Very nifty ADC dandy, Andrew! Love it!

  13. Great start to this set, looking forward to following these through the week


  14. Soult would be very impressed with this guy. Great work Andrew!


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