8 October 2014

Warbases Wednesday #31 - Beyond the casualty marker

Sometimes the simple designs are a real game changer and while I was at Derby this weekend Martin revealed a small project he had been working on involving the highly popular casualty markers. This was a winner in my book and something that I just had to bring to your attention as a priority this week!

For 60 pence these casualty markers are just a very handy item to have for any game. I have put many of these in bags this year when I have been working.

However Martins' latest idea truly takes this beyond just a casualty marker and into the realms of a must have item.

Add a 16mm dice cell to the top of the dialler and you have a whole new piece of kit to play with.
But he did not just stop there, now there are acrylic tokens to insert into the cells to make this a multi purpose gaming item.

Available in packs of 6 for £1.20- Text available - Shock, Pin, Turn, Casualty with a choice of acrylic colours. Now I would also point out that if you use other words these can be custom etched for you for a small surcharge just send Diane an Email to sort that for you.

Well good folks that wraps up this weeks edition.

Please note all image in this post are copyright to Warbases and I have been given permission to use them for this weeks post.



  1. Those look very nice. They could be very useful.

  2. What another great product.

  3. Blimey, great minds and all that. I've got some of the casualty mmarkers and some of the dice 'frames' and i though "I could do with glueing some of these together to make a composite base." Bothg products are excellent, but the combined marker is brilliant.

  4. Now that is dead clever! I wanted to paint figures to attach to marker bases. Now I will instead paint such figures and put them on square acrylic bases, making the marker itself multi-purpose.

  5. Basically , a brilliant idea.
    Sorry for the pun.

  6. Brilliant idea!! Very useful.

  7. Truly useful, will get some in the coming weeks.

  8. I can't see the numbers in the markers from any distance. Hate the things :-)

  9. I have to say I like the additional use for them. I have bought hundreds of them over the last couple of years


  10. What a jolly good idea and I like them


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