1 October 2014

Warbases Wednesday #30 - Back to base - ics

Recently I had a timely reminder of just why I base on MDF as opposed to any other medium. I like many have used many alternatives in the past, cardboard, artboard, metal and plastic but all of these have built in problems. 

A couple of weeks ago I got together all my unwanted figures and things I was never going to get around to painting and after some searching on the Internet I traded this for an entire Napoleonic 15mm Russian army. The downside to all this was although it has a good paint job the bases are pretty much shot and certainly not to my taste.

So what do I mean shot, well one look and although they have been based on good quality art board (a kind of thick card) they are nearly all warped from the original application of filler that was applied or through the passage of time. Many of them also have started to de laminate where the corners have been knocked over the years.

The photo above shows exactly what I am talking about, and it will only deteriorate further in time.  I have used Plasti-card in the past but this is too thin and can be a bugger to get stuff to adhere to it. So my base of choice is MDF. Yes it can warp in large sheets, or through water penetration but it is very stable at bases sizes and the process of basing will not make the MDF wet enough to warp at all.

Yes it does cost a bit more to use these bases but what price for peace of mind and a good solid base for our toys.
It all began here for Martin. Running his operation on a part time schedule and supplying us gamers with bases for our toys. I have watched this grow from that part time venture into a very busy home business that continues to grow and prosper but its always assuring to know that what ever the steps taken going forward are. The company started and took its name from supplying quality bases and will continue to do so.

The company also supplies any 2d shaped base you want, just ask and they will cut them for you a godsend, for me in the fact that I don't have to spend hours using a compass to draw circles and a scalpel to cut them all out. I can just order a bag of them pre cut to the sizes I want.

This for me is money well spent as it saves me time and once finished looks as good as the figures that top it all. With prices at £1.10 per pack for the standard sawn bases or £1.75 for laser cut ones I never fail to be happy with the products.
That's this weeks edition over I will be with Martin and Diane on Saturday this weekend at The Derby wargames show at Donnington Park I hope to see some of you there



  1. Warbases was the company I found on coming back to wargames, needed them for my FoG armies but since have used them for the 6mm stuff.

    I did base up a load of Numidians for Imputus and my heart sank when the plastic card curled up and made the whole lot look poor.

    Never tried anyone else as I really like the service. See you there mate


  2. I don't use anyone else - Never buy cheap Beds, Shoes or Bases!

  3. Bugger - that implies that Martin's bases are expensive! What I meant was they are great quality. I'll get my coat......

  4. All my MDF bases warped, I had to rebase and use thick plastic ones.

  5. A timely reminder that I need to place an order with them.

  6. Couldn't agree more Loki, they're a godsend!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I'm not replying to my, now deleted, comment,but the typing was wicked so I ditched it.

    What I said was that quality and price are spot on and I've never had a problem with warping or whaterver - guess it depends on where you store the figures. WB are a top outfit with a great range of products AND they listen to their customers. Unfortunately some of their staff are a bit suspect . . . . ;O)

  9. I've been using MDF as my preferred basing method for a good ten years and never had a single one warp. WBs products are top quality and a great price. The service is even better.

  10. Warbases do a splendid job with mdf bases. I use them extensively and I agree when I needed a certain size they were happy to cut them for me. What more can anyone ask of a company.

  11. The MDF bases are pretty good and the fact that we can get whatever shape we want is a big plus!

  12. MDF is good, but on my side of the pond, I go with Litko plywood.

  13. Must admit I also use MDF exclusively for my bases now

  14. Good post. Another reason why using warbases is a good idea for the long term.

  15. Nice score on the Russian force - they look quite nice (and will be even better when rebased).


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