24 September 2014

Warbases Wednesday #29 - Hay

Sorry for the unexpected failure to post last week, I know many of you will have missed the weekly slot. All is not lost though as I bring you all up to date this week.

I have completed the display for the new resin Hay load designed to fit nicely, funnily enough into the Hay Cart.
The 28mm Hay cart is priced at £3.50 and is a lovely piece of kit to enhance the table.

However now you can add a lovely load of Hay to the back of it, sculpted by me, and cast in resin for maximum detail and durability this piece is priced at £2.50.

Of course to let you view this as it really should be I had to paint another cart, as the one above forms part of the companies display stand.

As you can see a nice snug fit, of course they do not come pre painted and are shown in a finished state for your benefit. These are now available in the Warbases web shop and will be at Derby in a weeks time.



  1. Very nice indeed.
    Great addition to the growing range of really useful stuff available at Warbases.

  2. Very Nice mate. Now I just have to build a high vantage point in the town for some figure to dive from!

  3. Very nice indeed and an excuse to buy 2 carts have one loaded and unloaded :)

  4. Well past time someone started making this kind of thing at a decent price and quality. Well done to all involved.

  5. A nice little kit.
    On the shopping list for Antwerp... ;-)

  6. Very very cool kit ... it would look great in a diorama!

  7. Very nice! Think I might need one of these!

  8. I know what I will be getting at Derby now


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