10 September 2014

Warbases Wednesday #28 - September special offer

Well let me open this weeks edition with the news that every month one product from the ranges is going to be placed on a special offer. The first product to go on the new monthly specials is the Peel Tower.

So if you have been contemplating a purchase of this fine building now is the time too take the plunge as it has a 30% discount. The normal selling price is £45.00 and worth every penny at that price but for September this is being sold for £31.50 a SAVING of £13.50.

A very impressive feature for any gaming table being 202 mm long, 157 mm wide and 350 mm high. of course you can adapt it to be smaller if desired by leaving a floor out. So if this bargain grabs your attention click HERE to purchase.

Finally I was at the other Partizan with Martin and Diane for a large part of Sunday, meeting many fellow gamers and bloggers alike, however one customer left behind a small blue hard backed note book, if you are that customer please email Diane at Warbases and arrangements will be made to get this returned to you as soon as possible.

That is all for this weeks edition folks back again in 7 days with the next one



  1. Hell of a bargain and a nice piece of kit. Almost worth starting a new period . . . .

  2. Now that's a real cracker. Shame I don't have a use for it. Yet.

    1. Yeah, right, you're probably amassing a force of Border Reivers even as we speak!
      ; )

      (Nice tower, by the way!)

  3. Very very cool piece of building there Loki! Certainly a bargain!

  4. What a pity I don't have any use for this tower yet. But it looks excellent anyway...

  5. Excellent looking tower. So good It could tempt me into a new period.

  6. No doubt that is a great deal Andrew!


  7. That's make one heck of a jewelry box!!!


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