24 August 2014

Weekly Round up 24/08/2014 - More Nautical High Jinx

It may be obvious to many that I am currently experiencing a little nautical bloom so to speak. The Great hall has this week seen a big boost in the amount of preparation and work on my new rules, with another round of play testing this week with all the added extras of national character as we have got the basic mechanics sorted.

A large chunk of my time has been spent working on the ship data cards and the spreadsheet for all the various vessels and upgrades, one may choose dependant on the national characteristics.There is a lot of information on the basic data card in order to help speed up game play. 33 types of vessel that will eventually be available once I have completed the initial rules. So my laminator has been flat out as I work to replace all the cards that Glenn had for the original fleets.

In addition to this I have had to design a full set of counters and extras that will eventually be included in the rules to show the various conditions of a vessel etc.
I have watermarked the image to protect the designs that I have been working hard to create, as I want to retain full control of the design copyright at present.

In all this project is going very well indeed and I am certainly pleased with progress and the results we have had in play tests so far. More on that later in this post.

Now staying firmly at sea, the postman kindly delivered a very nice surprise from fellow blogger +Ray Rousell. I was aware he had placed an order for a rule book for me, but he had other plans based on one of our conversations, and to say I am chuffed is very much an understatement and these will take pride of place in the collections at a later date.
Of course it is not all one way traffic as I have traded my painting skills on this occasion and will be painting a force for Ray to play using Donnybrook. So expect to see something a little different on my workbench soon as I repay the favour.

That leaves me to conclude the post with this weeks game report, or what there is of it as my camera clearly had some strange ideas on what is was photographing, or more simply the operator was not paying attention.
Prior to the start of the game it was necessary to sort the fleets and all the new data cards, plus note full details of all the remaining vessels that needed a card that have been painted since Glenn made the original cards. Lots more time at the laminator in the future then.

This week Glenn would play as Admiral Nelson and Kevin as some random French Admiral, we went for larger forces this week and a good random mix of upgrades to see how the rules for these performed.

Things did not get off to the best of starts for Nelson as he opened the game with:
Oh well it had to happen one day and we start with a blunder.
Carnage is what is going to happen next as a result of the blunder HMS Victory's rudder jams and she swerves 1 hex face to port and rams HMS Agememnon. Time to consult the dam,age charts.
Things do not get much better as Glenns dice really let him down and he rolled another bad result severely damaging Victory before the end of turn 1.

Play testing well under way and although Kevin is having difficulty as he has the wind against him Glenn is unable to seize the opportunity and capitalise. His fleet is firing hard but mainly sending up plumes of water, whereas Kevin is inflicting heavy damage.

Unfortunately this is the point the pictures become unusable, but the play test this week did reveal that we needed a minor adjustment to the attitude to the wind table, so half way through we talked and implemented a few changes, which worked much better and gives the player against the wind a slightly better chance in the game to manoeuvre. I will be adding another mechanic for a change of wind direction into the game ahead of next weeks session.


  1. Nice focus - all things naval/piratical - at the moment, Andy. Everything looks great; and those figures from Ray look great - the artwork makes it very tempting to paint up. Best, dean

  2. This is going to be a great project! It looks really good!!!

    Good luck with the naval battle.

  3. Nice work on the counters, look very professional.

  4. Good to see the rules making steady progress. Looks a good game well apart from the blunder LOL


  5. It all looks splendid to me, good time ahead.

  6. You know you're in for a long day when you start with a blunder like that! Looking very cool!

  7. Interesting stuff mate! Keep it up, looking forward to seeing how your rules pan out.

  8. Interesting stuff. I'm looking forward to more on these rules. I dearly love age of sail but have not found a ruleset that really does it for me yet.

  9. This naval game looks top notch.

  10. Making progress. Looks like it is not all hard work creating the rules.

  11. Looking good my friend and I am eager to see the pirates et al. get paint on them.

  12. What a pleasant surprise for you from Ray, well done Ray, and great looking game too bud

  13. Great stuff all round Andrew! Really impressive counters!


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