10 August 2014

Weekly Round up 10/08/2014 - Overcoming Disaster !

Well it is once again a Sunday and I am sat in the Great Hall bringing you all up to date with what has been going on recently. I make no apologies this is going to be a very long post so you might like to grab a brew before reading any further.

I eluded to the fact that the Hall had suffered some substantial damages a little while back, but it has taken until now for me to get fairly straight and overcome the sheer horror of what happened. It is all Kevin's fault, ( well not really, but its good to blame someone).

Having sorted out Kevin's man cave recently I was furnished with a rather copious amount of reading materials as those that know me well, know that I like my books and hate to see them discarded and often give them a new home in the Great Hall. This has sort of lead me to the rather big downfall and huge losses that I incurred recently. As I returned home and added the books to my collections. I like most people if they are honest just add my books to the shelves without any thought to the full weight being placed upon them, and unless I see a shelf bow or strain under the weight take no further action.

I took no pictures of the failing as I really don't need a reminder of my own stupidity to gaze at on the blog in years to come, the memory is bad enough to deal with. Fortunately I had vacated the Great Hall minutes before hand as hunger struck and I went to make toast, or I would not be here writing this post at all. While sat eating the toast the peace was disturbed by a terrific rumble and banging, I instantly went to check the kitchen as I thought something happened in there but all was fine. I dawned on me then that directly above the kitchen was the Great Hall. So upstairs we all went and oh dear we could not open the door this did not bode very well at all. After a 20 minute struggle we managed to get the door open enough to peek inside and the sight of what happened turned my stomach as the entire contents of the room were in complete chaos. I wont say my room is full but when you see the racks that were on the wall no longer in place and the debris piled three feet high across the room you realise there is going to be serious consequences.

A couple of hours later and we had managed to get everything relocated into various rooms upstairs, so I could begin the clear up in the morning. The damage my figure collections took was obvious as we pulled smashed case after smashed case out of the room. Sadly they were all on the lower shelves and took the full impact of the couple of tons of books. My desk was obliterated and if I had been sat in my usual spot I would have been brown bread as my wife kindly put it. Though she did also state that for once she was grateful I got hungry and made a mid evening snack.

During this phase of the clean up the phone rang and it was Kev who immediately offered to come over and help out. I declined at this stage as I was not really in the best of moods and really just wanted it to have been some weird cheese snack dream, however it was not. Though it did confirm in my mind just how good a friend he is. So for that I have a lot to be thankful for. Though keeping control of my emotions tonight proved very hard to do but restrained I remained and after we had cleared the room went off to bed.

I did not sleep, as to be expected lots of things were racing in my mind and I arose bright and early to assess the damage and effect repairs. Initial inspection revealed that not a single plug remained in the wall it was as if the racks had just not been fixed. they were completely undamaged but all the shelves were broken into pieces. So I thought right go big overkill on the repair and went to get some anchor bolt resin. With the racks reattached with heavy duty fixings secured with resin these babies are going no where for a long time. I then phoned Kev for some assistance in replacing the shelves etc. Once back at the Great Hall it was clear from Kev's face that he realised just what had been lost. He came up with an idea to create an Independent bookcase too deal with the heavy weights in my collection. A re jig of how some thing were laid out in the man cave and we had a plan. Kevin informs me the only way this book case is coming down is with the house and having seen how its constructed I have to agree. New shelves were put in place and screwed tight to the brackets and I now had a blank canvas to reassemble everything.

Re assembly is ongoing as I type but it is getting there, I have been both lucky and unlucky with the damage to the figures but life goes on and the reality is they are toys and can be replaced. I have had my pride badly dented but have escaped unharmed. If anything I urge you all to check your own shelves and ensure you have not overloaded them as I really would not want this to happen to my worst enemy!

Picture nicked from Ray Rousell.
Last weekend I recently had the pleasure of being invited to deepest Kent to partake in a game with Posties Rejects something that Ray and Fran have been planning for over a year due to diary clashes. The picture above is me celebrating yet another one rolled on the dice in the opening Fire and Fury game we played and an excellent report of my continued dire luck can be found HERE. One has to put a brave face on misfortune although that tit Ray did not agree, and made us surrender after 4 or so turns! My dice is also located in a bin at Watford Gap services should anyone desperately need a bad rolling dice.

I had an excellent day out and did have a great days gaming, as we also played a great French Indian War game which I wont spoil by giving the result as Ray will be blogging this shortly. I met a lot of good people that made the day one to remember and it was a good laugh. Very much needed in my case and all thoughts of the above issues disappeared as I enjoyed the day. The day was rounded off rather well with a trip to the local Chinese recommended by Ray, who initiated us into the joys of Deep Fried crispy Chilli Squid and rather copious amounts of it.

There was a slight tinge of sadness to the day as a valued friend who I have met through the blogging will be leaving England later in the year. I wish you well buddy with everything that lays ahead for you and hope to continue the friendship in the years to come even if it is at a distance.

Postie presented me with my very own Honorary Membership to the rejects and a very nice display figure for me to keep on my display case. I also received a very nice surprise from Fran who gave me a rather nice box full of piratical related buildings and ephemera.

These are going to make a fantastic start to the Pirate Island I shall be creating. I also received a couple of very nice figures to add to the pirate collection and they will undergo the brush treatment shortly. Once again proof that the wargame blogging community is a positive part of social media. My thanks to Postie and all the fellow Rejects for making it an excellent day out for me.

The remainder of this week has been tied up with mundane duties in the house as the wife decided to have an entire relocation of all the upstairs rooms and furniture. This has seen me away from the workbench and all hobby related activity for 4 days, the last one being today as I sit aching from parts of my body that I did not think could ache in the first place. I hope you all have a good week ahead as I will be back at the workbench myself.



  1. Dude! My Deepest sympathies! Hopefully you can repair a large part of it fingers crossed for you buddy.at least you didn't get injured yourself something for more important!

  2. What a bad accident! You really can be lucky you got hungry. I'm happy I cleared the man cave of any books recently as a matter of space so this won't probably happen to me but I can feel your pain. Last year I had water sipping through the damaged roof into my freshly renovated room and while not damaging any figures some of my beloved rulebook collection got soaked.

  3. That's very unfortunate but I'm glad the reconstruction has gone well.

  4. Ouch... well lets hope thats the bottom of the trough , and everything else is upward..

  5. My goodness you seem remarkably upbeat given the trauma, hats off to you Andrew.

  6. After reading Ray's blog I thought the double face palm was about the Fire & Fury game. I had catastrophe like that once long ago lost 3 Warhammer elf armies(wood, high & dark) in that. I hope you fare better.

  7. This makes hard reading - but it shows what good mates you've got.

    I'm glad you still enjoyed your weekend away though.

  8. A pleasure as always my friend and a good friend, glad to hear you're dealing with the disaster, a good day that day in the shed.

  9. That is a fright, and the loss of miniatures would be very sad. I'm glad you came through it intact, with help and good spirits. A day of gaming and good company is a great tonic!

  10. Sorry to hear of the mishap; it did show how much of a friend Kevin is though. I agree with his suggestion of a independent/free standing shelving for books (and other heavy items). Nice to hear of your gaming with the Postie's - as well as Fran's generous gifts. BTW, deep-fried chili squid sounds great! Warm regards, Dean

  11. There was a meme going around a year or so ago that quantified if you were a real gamer or not. I don't remember this being in it, but having a small piece of your soul killed by the destruction of an army/armies seems to be an all too common experience. They are just toys, but they are so much more, as well. Being able to be philosophical about it is the only cure, sadly. It's good to have friends to help in times like this, and that's probably the silver lining; being reminded or realizing just how good a friend you have. All the same, the horror you describe is chilling.

  12. Sounds awful mate. Well done for putting it aside and getting on with the DIY improvements.

  13. Glad you enjoyed yourself last weekend, we'll have to do it again soon!

  14. Ouch! Happy to hear the room is on the mend!


  15. The horror! I'm just glad to hear you got hungry at the right time ...

  16. Ouch that sure ain't good! At least you were out of harms way then

  17. Yet more evidence that a man should always listen to his stomach! Seriously though, I admire how you're handling this. It really is the stuff of nightmares, but you've met it head on. A great display of bounce-back-ability!

  18. Having seen the results of a book avalanche I am always cautious. Sorry that it has happened to you. But think of the write up in the local paper if the worse had happened. "Man Killed by Books" and when the Nationals got hold of the story an even better headline. What a way to go!

    Glad you enjoyed the day out with the Rejects If you can make it down again I would hope to get an invite next time.

  19. Very glad to hear that you were not in the room at the time of the catastrophe.

    Glad to hear you are now an Honorary Reject. Congratulations!

  20. Terrible as it was it reaffirms what a great bloke Kev is and I hope that's the worst that will ever happen. Knowing also how much you value your books (and how valuable some of them are) I hope these at least survived intact


  21. Thankfully these sort of incidents are few and far between. On the up side, they do make you appreciate how lucky you are in regards to your mates. At the end of the day that's the stuff that matters most.

  22. What a disaster. Must have been a lot of books that when they went had a domino effect. But you don't need a reminder of it. Onwards and upwards now though so let the past stay just there. In the past.
    cheers and all the best from here.

  23. I'm glad that things are getting back in order. It's great to have a friend like Kev. I'm also glad, and a little jealous, that you got a chance to play a game with the rejects in Posties infamous shed. Its on my bucket list. I hadn't realized that I hadn't been to the blog since your clean up. I may have to appropriate your ideas. And a big thanks for all you work on the triads and detailed description of your pirate paint jobs. It makes it seem a little more clear as a I fumble for my own style.

  24. Happy it's sorted now buddy.
    My over engineered bookcase should suffice for the ton of books. Lol.
    I felt for ya
    It's every wargamers worst nitemare.
    You handled it well bud.
    Bit of repair work ahead .
    Could have been worse if you was sat under it when it failed.

  25. Boy oh boy! I'm really glad to hear that nobody got hurt by that bookshelf avalanche!

    Of course broken shelves and shattered miniatures are woeful but at least they're just toys. They can be repared or replaced but personal health is priceless.
    I'm glad to hear that you got most of the chaos cleaned up and your good friend Kev gave you a helping hand. So I'm looking forward to see you back at the painting table soon.

    All the best !

  26. I am shattered for you mate and I can so understand why you was so devastated, but I am glad that from this the phoenix that is Loki arises once again.

    But now you have received a new title of a Postie and a lovely figure to boot too. hat off to you even if your dice rolling was crap and you had to put up with Ray, lol

  27. Wow! So glad that you are okay. I am not so sure I would have handled this sort of thing as well as you seem to have! Must be time for your luck to improve!

  28. Yikes! First I'm happy you weren't in the room when the Greater Demon arrived but I'm sad that he took it out on your collection. :( I feel for your loss but you've seem to have kept matters in perspective (I can't say I would have been so calm). I hope the reconstruction goes smoothly and that this shocking event re-invigorates you to new hobby excellence!

  29. Well, you seem to have come through it alright and you've had excellent moral and practical support, so maybe it was fate. An excellent eye opening experience which has given you much to reflect on.

    On the other hand it could be that you need to think more deeply about fixings and rawl plugs . . .


  30. I actually started to feel sick reading this. A nightmare. We forget how heavy books are! I had one shelf come adrift a few years ago but my wife spotted it and actually saved it. Shudder. Glad you are OK anyway. The Force is strong in you!

  31. Glad to hear that you were save when this disaster happend! After reading this I checked my shelfs, just to be sure that nothing like that could happen. This post is also a good warning for all of us!
    I hope you can recover some of your collection! Thumbs up for that!
    Been reading the report of Ray, and it looks like you had a good day after all!


  32. My dear chap:
    What a perfectly dreadful and hair-raising story! I can only imagine how gutted I would be had this happened to me.The only bright spot of it is that you are alive and well, as we are all rather fond of you. I know you have a Viking's heart and will recover from this. Michael


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