13 August 2014

Warbases Wednesday #24 - VBCW

This week it is the turn of some new 28mm scale Victorian era onwards style buildings that I present to you all.

This is a large bank building for use from the Victorian period onwards. The Bank Chamber is an imposing structure, with sandstone frontage and period architecture details such as the ornate windows and Large double doors.

The sign can be left off this building to allow you to use this as a Mansion House, Vicarage/Manse, or Office building.

The kit features our new style windows by popular demand and an internal removable floor for ultimate flexibility for the avid wargamer. The photographs show the roof finished in 'Victorian Tile' roof sheets - you'll need 2 to cover the whole roof.
Dimensions : L214mm, W168mm,  H258mm
Cost £22.00

Next up is the Local coppers residence:

This police house for use from the Victorian Period onwards, measures exactly the same as our Red Brick Terrace range of Houses, so will fit in neatly in a terrace, but will also be ideal as a detached house. As an alternative, it could be used as a village library.
Supplied with separate annex for attaching to the rear, this building includes unique detailing, such as a removable floor and flexible doors allowing you to pose them open or closed. 

Dimensions Main House: L168mm, W112mm, H180mm.
Dimensions Annex: L123mm, W65mm, H75mm.
Cost £17.00

Finally for this week we have the village workshop no guesses for where the inspiration for this building has come from.
This is a small garage or workshop for use from the Victorian period onwards. The workshop is designed for use as a village garage, or maybe you can think of other uses, perhaps an undertakers, joinery workshop or even a dairy.

The unique features on this building include working sliding doors and special roof tiles, which are included at no extra cost.

Cost £14.00
Dimensions : L210mm, W125mm, H118mm. Please note all Images are Copyright of Warbases and are used here with full permission.

Well good people that is all I have for this week.



  1. Nice buildings. This is going to be a really useful rand and no need to limit them to VBCW at all. Bags of potential.

  2. They all look very nice, but I have no idea where the inspiration for the last building comes from. Must be because I'm not british. Care to enlighten me?

  3. Very nice. The village workshop is unlike anything I've seen before kit-wise and I'm sure will be a big seller.

  4. I do look forward to Warbases Wednesday. To my mind the range of stuff is much better (and much better value!) than the competition.

    I like the look of the windows on the first building.

  5. Nice, very nice looking buildings!

  6. These are great, I think all will be a big hit


  7. These are wonderful buildings and I love the new style windows and flooring. I have always been impressed with Warbases range of building as you know Andrew as I owned all of the Very British Civil War which are great but these not only add to the range but actually turn the range into a range for all you 1930s needs,

    The police station is wonderful and something that I have been meaning to get for my games for very long time and i would of been happy with that but no the bank building come mansion is amazing and the village garage, another most have for me.

    Great stuff there and will be getting then at Partizan I think.

  8. Very nice kits to add to the range.

  9. Some excellent buildings. I can see the Village workshop taking on a variety of uses in particular. As it is sufficiently different to the other buildings. Outstanding work as always.

  10. These are very nice buildings Andrew!

  11. Really like the workshop/garage building!

  12. Very nice models - laser cut stuff is certainly expanding their ranges.

  13. Martins stuff is just superb.
    and at such a great price...

  14. Nice... more shopping to be done at Crisis!

  15. Sweet i'll have to add these to my to get list. They look great!

  16. The Workshop is particularly impressive.


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