16 July 2014

Warbases Wednesday #20 - An exclusive competition for readers of this Blog.

That's right folks this week sees me present you with an exclusive opportunity. As you may be aware Warbases have released a very nice range of animals to spice up the gaming table. I spoke to Martin and Diane at one of the shows recently and they decided they would like me to garner some feedback and ideas from you all for additions to the range. So we have devised a way that you can directly influence what animals are sculpted next.  I suggested a small blog competition with a suitable prize would be an effective way to do this and here are the rules:

1. Leave a comment below with your suggestion for up to 3 new animals that you would like to see added to the range.

2. I will make a short list of the top 10 most popular animals suggested. They will then be discussed with Martin and Diane and 5 of those suggestions will be put into production first.

3. Your reward for placing a suggestion. One of you lucky people will be selected at random from all the comments and be the first to receive all 5 miniatures fresh out of the master mould.

4. Only one entry per person will be accepted you may suggest more than 3 animals or comment more than once however only your first entry will count.

So don't dally folks as you only have until Midnight GMT on the 28th of July to submit your comments.

Good luck to you all.



  1. Great idea! I suggest:

  2. Hmm how interesting. Nothing leaps out immediately, so how about:
    Domestic Cats
    Wild Rejects!

    1. To follow on the comment by Edwin:1) Long dogs:.... like greyhounds especially if you can do running ones! They are one of the oldest dog breeds so fit from 9th century to present day. But not with racing colours on

    2. Wild rejects are quite endangered!

    3. While Tame/domesticated Rejects are mythical beasts. Purely Apocryphal!

  3. Nice idea, camel, dromedary and draft ox.

  4. What a great idea.

    1) Long dogs. There are wolfhounds out there already, but perhaps something a little less shaggy?
    2) Modern pigs (as opposed to the ones Warbases already do).
    3) I have a fondness for those Victorian pictures of cattle that look like sideboards. There's a book (and film) 'Appointment With Venus' about a commando raid to rescue a prize bull from German occupation - that'd be a scenario!
    4) Ravens :wink:
    5) crocs (pirates for the chasing of)
    6) waterline shark (ditto)
    7) Foxes.
    8) Fox-hounds

  5. I second this, it's a great need, especially for skirmish games and folks making dioramas/good terrain.

    My suggestions:
    1) Lionesses: while there are lots of male lions out there, to have a pride of lions you need only one. But you need lots of lionesses, and few manufacturers make them in sstandalone packs.

    2) Hippos in water: another key need for an Africa game is hippos submerged in water. While many manufacturers make hippos, only Foundry and Ral Partha offer hippos in the water, which is where hippos spend most of their time. Again, both are paired with a freestanding hippo, which is wasteful if you already have the start of a commando.

    3) Camels - both Bactrian and Dromedary. While there are lots of pack camel sculpts, there's a dearth of camels suitable for herds, camels where the riders have dismounted, or camels with baggage taken off them.

    Admittedly, these are all animals I need for my own projects.

  6. Great idea. I would like to suggest;
    Rats-useful for finishing details-but not a clump of them on a big base!
    Cats-kitty kind of cat
    Mongrel dogs-scraggy things found wondering the streets
    Leopard/panther-arena bait
    Lion/lioness-more arena bait

  7. Hmmmm.
    Aardvarks, Bigfoot and the one of the Muppets that plays the Drums.

  8. Greate ideea!

    Ravens (hugin and Munin)
    Swedish Elks ( stud, cow and calf)
    Bear (walking and one raised, fighting)

    Best regards Michael

  9. Moose/elk/caribou

  10. Great Idea.
    English Bull Terriers

  11. OK, here's my "wish" list..... all 28mm I should add :>)

    1/ Late Medieval Hunting Dogs

    2/ Ravens- these I feel would have to be larger than their natural cousins to make them stand out in 28mm

    3/ Baggage Caqmels- these could be done so their are colonial versions as well as 'Ancient'/Medieval versions for say Berbers, Ottomans in Africa and parts of the Middle East. Maybe even up to WWII (possibly carrying heavy machine guns?).

    OK, the last one might be a bit on the long side LOL.


    1. Baggage Caqmels should read Baggage Camels of course!

  12. If you want to sell to a sci-fi crowd of a certain age you need ferrets, an Orangutan, a badly mis-shapen crocodile, a Gastonia (dinosaur) and a giant wasp.

    If it's sensible suggestions you're after, you will likely want to cater more for non-European areas like Africa and the Middle East but if you guys were to do a massive Elk and some true medieval (read 'really feathery') chickens then I would be very excited.

  13. Noah has nothing on this list
    2 Wolves
    2 Camels
    2 Lions


  14. Well the rang is already very good but here are my suggestions:
    Camel - Dromedary as preference
    Dogs - More breeds and maybe some sleeping examples might be useful
    Bees - Yeh I know they are too small to sculpt but what about some medeival style beehives? Ideal accompanyment to some of the other farmyard animals already in the range.

  15. Don't want to sound like the Angel of death here, but dead animals are useful for markers as well as setting the scene. generic dead cavalry and gun team horses are useful and the ubiquitous dead cows are probably essential for any WWII games set in Normandy. 15mm would probably be good sellers.

    1. I'll second the need for dead horses, particularly with pack or American-style saddles. Dead horses were often used for cover. While Mutineer makes dead horses in British saddlery suitable for the Indian Mutiny to the 2nd Boer War, other kinds are needed.

  16. 1.Gorillas
    3.Honey Badgers

    Some damn good suggestions from the other lunatics!

  17. 1 Hares (the rabbits are nice, but no good for pre-Norman)
    2 Ravens (no Dark Age battlefield should be without some)
    3 Leaping salmon (to enliven any river scene, and give a sculptor headaches)

  18. 1) Flocks of crows (flying and sitting)
    2) Sitting Owls to place in trees or on buildings
    3) Sitting pigeons to place on buildings or in trees
    4) Another vote for Rottweilers
    5) German Shepherd dogs

    The dead cows idea is also great

  19. I think it has to be the follows but Andrew I think you know what I am going to asking for as i have already.

    1 Foxes
    2 Beagles/Hounds
    3 Badgers

    Tell Martin that the animals that he has at the moment are wonderful

  20. Ravens and Rottweilers.

  21. Wolves

    Flaming Pigs

    Ravens again

    Dead horses and cows for sure


  22. Auroch. Cattle Mk I, big and scary.

    I cannot think of what else to add, there have been some very good suggestions already.

  23. Hmmm? I was going to say Boars, but looking at Warbases site, they already do them!!! It'll have to be Wolves, skunks and badgers for me!

  24. Camels..
    Badgers.. Obviously

  25. Beagles/Hounds
    Big Bears (serve as Grizzly & Polar)

  26. - Dead bloated animals. Horses and cows for D-Day areas. (Stinky)
    - Camels (some sitting down perhaps)
    - Ravens
    - Wolves
    - Big Oxen
    - Drop Bears and Hoop Snakes
    - Anything a Roman might see in a Arena Beast fight.

  27. More dogs, big and small
    domestic cats
    Birds in cages

  28. 1) Hedgehog
    2) Irish Wolf Hound
    3) Rats

  29. What a cool competition!
    I would like animals that I could use to cross-over between real world and Middle Earth type fantasy stuff.
    1) Hunting dogs akin to Irish Wolfhound
    2) Ravening Wolves
    3) Ravens
    4) Falcons/Hawks

  30. Great idea Loki!

    Draft oxen
    Wolf pack
    Hawk/bird of prey hooded and sitting on gauntlet/perch

  31. Some northern animals for use in Viking games would be nice.

    1) Moose
    2) Swan
    3) Wood Grouse

    And pretty much any farm animals dead as they are always useful props especially for the world wars.

  32. More Draught animals to go with those carts.
    1) Pony (smaller than the draught horse)
    2) Oxen
    3) Pack mule

  33. 1- Gundogs (labradors, spaniels etc.)
    2- Hereford cattle
    3- Shire horses
    And thanks for giving us the opportunity to put our ideas across (and making me finally get around to following your blog!)

  34. * Dolphins ~ leaping from the water + noses poking out of the water + just dorsal fin
    * Teddy Bears ~ but different than the Eureka ones or anything Irregular Miniatures do; then can tap into the Feminine market or the silly games club
    * Moby Dick ~ there's plenty of 28mm Naval figures now, + boats, so why not try a Moby Dick type game?

    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moby-Dick

      for those unsure of who / what Moby Dick is ~ a whale.

  35. Another cracking idea Andrew!
    I would love some domestic pigs, geese and rats (perfect for Victorian side streets et al). Perhaps turkeys would prove popular with the FIW chaps and I've always like the idea of a pack of hyenas for the African adventures. Finally how about some BBQed animals? On a spit, perfect for camp scenes and the like.

    1. Having just read a post by Edwin on his blog I want to add a couple of inspired suggestions to my list! Blandings style pigs and anything pirate related!

  36. Excellent idea!!



    Draught type animals

    and dead cattle and horses.

    1. Great idea

      1. Wolves
      2. Large Bear
      3. Beavers for American frontier

  37. Hamsters, Armadillos and Widebeest.

  38. I agree with the fellow who suggested dead animals. But Stick with the farm yard, geese/ducks, Pigs and Sheep. They provide a nice looted aspect to the table top.

  39. This is a jolly good idea. Here's my list, which is MUCH more serious than some already posted here. ;)

    1) Moose (works as singular and plural) - useful for SAGA games set in Newfoundland, with Vikings fighting aboriginals
    2) Panto Horse (I believe that Fairfax and Carstairs used one as a disguise in Allo! Allo! once.
    3) Cats - having seen Michael Awdry's terrific gypsy caravan complete with moggies, I think felines are quite underrepresented in the hobby
    4) Dragons - for those wanting to do Game of Thrones based wargames.

  40. Camels - with and without baggage
    Standing horses
    Dead animals

  41. 1. Squirrels

    2. Geese

    3. Turkey

    4. Peacock

  42. Water buffaloes. Both wild and domesticated, with and without harness. That should count for three entries at least, depending on how detailed you want to get in the different types, but a fairly generic selection should work for games from Sierra Leone to the Philippines.

  43. 1. Any small terrier type dog

    2. Fox

    3. Cats

  44. Great ideas already but I'd love to see
    1. Poitou Donkey
    2. Poitou Mule
    3. Either of the above.

    Can you tell I like Poitou donkeys/mules? Very distinctive looking and suitable for ancients right up to the modern day.

  45. A lot of suggestions above were already available from Megaminis, back in the days.

    What I really miss is a goose.

    I think a set of geese, similar to the chicken pack (2 x 3 different models) would be a great addition - may I say a Capitol one ? - to this already nice range.


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