9 July 2014

Warbases Wednesday #19 - modular kits for scratch building (part 1)

I am one of those gamers that likes to make my own terrain when I can. What is always the most expensive and time consuming part is cutting and measuring all the walls floors etcetera etcetera. While working on the stall this year I had noticed that a certain group of buildings were rarely purchased, so I asked the customers what put them off, not one mentioned the price at all but most mentioned they did not know what to do with them.

So I am going to showcase these buildings and reveal some of the potential they have as a starting point for many projects. Currently there are 4 buildings in the range at 28mm scale I hope this will expand by at least 2 more in the near future and also the full range be made available in 15mm scale.

The current buildings are also very cheap considering the amount of time they save and are very quick to build the basic frame work. So what's included in one of these kits well in the example below this is kit 3.
Now that is what I call a kit, nice and simple blank canvas to work from allowing me to add as much or little detail as I desire. Every kit is made to the same principle and each one has plenty of windows and door options as well.

Modular 1 £2.00

Modular 2 £2.50

Modular 3 £2.50

Modular 4 £3.50

I put all of these kits together in less than 10 minutes and have set them aside to dry before adding doors and windows, this also gives me an opportunity to be creative with what I want to achieve from the buildings. Normally I don't keep any of the products that I make up and showcase but these are an exception to the rule and are going to form the basis of my Pirate haven so they are going to have a Spanish look and feel to them.
As you will notice I have not glued the roofs in place that is because I want to have the buildings pan tiled, and unfortunately although the range of roofing sheets is extensive from Warbases, pantiles are not available so I have gone to my back up pile and the trusty Wills Pantiles available from any good model railway shop.

The one thing I discovered about these sheets is they are an exact fit for kit 3 and 4 and half a sheet will do kit 1 or 2 so they really require minimal preparation.

I really would like to see kits 3 and 4 expanded to make 2 new double apexed buildings this in my opinion would really make this range even more beneficial to a scratch builder as currently you need to purchase two kits to do this. I will have to keep nagging the boss!!!

Well good people that is all for this week the next time you see these we will be turning them from the blank canvas into usable terrain.


  1. Interesting. Will these be accessible buildings for skirmish/individual figure games, or closed bases for larger scale games?

    Also, any chance on a tutorial for making multi-level buildings skirmish figures can use from Warbases?

  2. I have been tempted to buy some of these and pimp them up for Spain, but my Spanish terrain is all resin at the moment. One day, perhaps!

  3. Well you have pushed an idea straight into the front of my mind. I'll say no more, just store it there for now and maybe come back to it later. Thanks Loki.

  4. As a terrain fan, I have to say that I am looking forward to the next installment - always leave the audience wanting more!

  5. Interesting I will follow the next posts in this thread closely.

  6. Actually I avoid making my own terrain because of these time consuming steps...
    I'm looking forward to seeing your project though....


  7. I can see these being very useful!

  8. I've got a few of the Warbases modular buildings and find they are very useful and are excellent for mediterranian type locales. Nice tutorial.

  9. Extremely useful lil bits of kit these.
    You can do so much with them.

  10. I have always toyed about with getting these kits, especially know that I think I might be getting into SCW. I cant wait to part 2

  11. I completely missed this post! I can certainly testify to the usefulness of these kits, but really need to finish the ones I started years ago - same old story!


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