10 July 2014

The Man Cave Shuffle (part 4) - Dealing with ethnicity more paint recipes

Sometimes as painters we have to tackle some trickier parts of any project and this post is one of those!

You see the world is full of different people, all shapes sizes and skin colours and this is when we have the potential to cause offence or upset in some quarters. Now I will quite clearly state that I have not provided the following to cause any offence at all, they are merely the results of my observations and thoughts on how to tackle the painting of various regional skin colours.

As we all know tackling flesh is an important part of the painting process and often giving this area a little more attention and work can really bring a miniature to life. I wanted to share some of the colours I use to represent different regions in the world. Now I don't profess to be a dermatologist or even an expert in racial diversity but I have eyes and can read colours fairly well or at least I believe I can, allowing me to create differences in the flesh for variety.

I have created another PDF of the colours used for different regions and this also includes a finished face in the respective colours. I have also made a hand painted chart available and placed these on a new page for you all. Please note as I spend a bit more time on flesh I have created these with a 5 colour palette.

Click HERE to visit the new page


  1. Another great resource for the hobby.

  2. Very useful. Thank you a lot!!!

  3. Thanks for these, very useful indeed. Cheers, Ross

  4. That is very nice. Thanks for putting that up

  5. A fine reference set there my man, well done.

  6. Andrew you are providing a very valuable service here and one I think people will find very useful. I for one thank you for all the effort you are putting into this.

  7. Stop it now.
    I'll end up having to switch paints too.

  8. haha, don´t stop
    two thumbs up man, you´re doing great.
    I love it.

  9. Great stuff! Thanks again Andrew!


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