25 July 2014

The American Continental force is growing

I have completed another 4 units for the Continental Army. There are a couple of units that having painted them in 28mm I just had to repeat at 15mm for my own force.

So first up is the 15mm version of Sherburne's Additional Continentals.

Then it was the turn of the 1st Connecticut (on the right)

Things were already looking good with my force mainly being clothed in colours other than the blue. They of course will be on the table as a future to do but for now I want to add a splash more colour so

I set about creating a version of the 2nd New Hampshire (Figure on the left above).
Now uniform details are a bit thin on the ground for some units and this is one of those but Lefferts refers to at least one company that wore Light blue faced red with buff small clothes so that is how I have portrayed them for my own force.

The final unit in this batch was the one I had completed at the very beginning of the project Webb's Additional Continentals. (Figure on the left above).

So far that sees my force at eight regiments of Continental line, so next up will be some Militia and some brigade commanders to lead the cause. At this stage I am rather pleased with how the project is progressing at a nice steady pace. It should not be too long before I have enough to give them a whirl on the table top.


  1. Great looking AWI troops. With so many new plastic 28mm options it's very tempting to get into this period. However, I must resist as I have too many unfinished, or neglected periods already. Best, Dean

  2. Those are some rather smart looking uniforms. Nice brushwork!

  3. Great painting, Andrew! Can't wait to see them all ranked up on a tabletop.

  4. Lovely... like Sherburne's very much.

  5. Love Sherborne's! When do you get to paint Yellow, Green and Brown on a figure???

  6. I really like the look of these figures. I never realized the variety in continental uniforms. In regards to the Betsy Ross flag, I think it makes sense as a side identifier. The only thing that seems odd to me about it is the larger white area above the bottom two red stripes. Very nit picky, but it does draw my eye.


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