25 June 2014

Warbases Wednesday #17 - Gladiators are you going for the Jugular!

So you want to start training your own band of Gladiators to fight for glory! well there are a whole bunch of rule sets available for you to choose from from the old tried and tested Rudis to the new kid on the block Jugula!

What any aspiring gladiator needs though is an Arena to fight in and Warbases have two sizes of round arena for you to choose from.

Available in a 12" diameter one piece board or as shown above an 18" diameter arena in four easy to transport and fix together jigsaw sections. The hexes on the 12" are 28mm across flats and on the 18" are 26mm across flats.  They are priced at £7.50 (12") and £13.00 (18")  respectively. 

The square 8 x 8 arena designed to unofficially complement the Jugula game has also been designed and is due for imminent release. Unfortunately I don't have a picture to show you at present but I have seen the board and it is very nice indeed, it is also 18" wide and the expected price will be £13.00.

Of course if these designs are not suitable for your particular Gladiatorial combat game then email Warbases for a custom cut one to your requirements.

Now of course if you are playing the new game from Studio Tomahawk and Gripping Beast, chances are you might need some decent tokens and accessories.

So here is a popularity tracker for you priced at £4.00 for a twin pack.

A full set of 32 tokens can also be had for the sum of £3.50, required for the popular gladiator game Jugula.
Contains the following tokens: +1 attack (x4), +2 attack (x4), +1 defence (x4), +2 defence (x4), +1 movement (x4), +2 movement (x4), Skull tokens (x6) and Hindered tokens (x2)
In addition to these sets also released are a full set of gaming card tokens!
This set contains 54 tokens , that's one of each suit and 2 jokers for you to be able to use for a wide variety of gaming needs. Priced at £5.00 for the full set.


  1. Blimey, they're good value! Might just be tempted to look into this game.

    BTW ordered some bases from Warbases on Monday night and they arrived this morning (Wednesday)! This means I've got to speed up my painting . . . .

  2. Andrew, the gladiator arena is quite nifty! Unfortunately, my few gladiators are mounted on 30mm hex stands. Still, if I was actively gaming these actions, I would rebase to accommodate this arena.

    Card tokens are a nifty idea too. I always enjoyed using tokens like this for western gunfights using TRWNN.
    Cool stuff!

  3. Replies
    1. There's an echo in here :-)

    2. So... do we give this one a shot, Mr Mills? There's no shortage of Gladiator figs in the C&G ludus!

  4. Sweet! I've been looking into ready made arena bases for Jugula. I guess I can end my search now!

  5. Oh no, I must resist this! I've already had a dabble with pirates, gladiators might just push the saintly Mrs. Awdry over the edge - that said, they do look like products!

  6. Interesting - I read a little about Jugula and see it requires a deck of cards for each player. Didn't know about the tokens too. I still have yet to game my gladiators - this even with a nice arena mat from Hotz Works.

  7. I might need to look into this quite closely. You sir have grabbed my attention.

  8. Great board there and tokens are top stuff. I love the playing card tokens

  9. Sweet, this is some excellent gladiator bling! I'm passing this on to my buddy who does gladiator gaming.

  10. Great board and tokens - Jugula is a lot of fun.

  11. Played a quick Jugula intro at my club Last week, in my opinion if you like Saga then you'll enjoy it immensely.

  12. Noice! Time to dust off the old Gladiator figs, perhaps...

  13. I may get one of the larger ones when I finally get my Glads.

    Really like the playing card token idea


  14. Those are very coo; and very usable for those gladiator boyos!


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