18 June 2014

Warbases Wednesday #16 - A heads up for future ranges.

As you can imagine life is a little busy at times but plans for expansion are squarely on the horizon for many more releases this year from Warbases. Martin is currently adding to the range of carts and wagons and there are some very impressive additions being added more on those in another post. Kevin and I are both busy working on different aspects of these plans for Martin and Diane and the ranges that are currently available or due shortly. Whilst Kevin is busy adding new figures and accessories to the current ranges. His latest work has just been sent off for moulds to be made.

Yes he has added a driver and shotgun carrying co driver and a set of luggage to the current stage coach, in addition to this a new team of horses has been created specifically for you to be able to add more variety.
While I am currently juggling several hats as I continue to paint new animals for the miniature range displays, assembling the various carts and wagons ready for a lick of paint. I too am sculpting some nice new additions to the ranges, the cobbled bases have been a success especially as they are less than half the price of the Westwind versions. One of the projects we discussed in some detail earlier this year was adding road sections to the range in keeping with the bases. So I will give you a small heads up here as  to what will be coming soon.

The first section of the next release is under construction, a standard 28mm scale straight section, that will be approx 100mm wide and 150mm long. This is just the start of the range and junctions and curved sections will be added to this in the future.

That is all for this weeks edition good readers.



  1. Keep ip the good work chaps, loving the new editions.

  2. The road and Cowboys look excellent!!!

  3. Some great looking additions to the ranges

  4. You're a machine! Looking forward to the stagecoach set for Dead Man's Hand.

  5. Great work on the Stagecoach crew and baggages, I know Kev did them but the road sections look the dogs dodas and just what the Irish road crew ordered for VSF but also for VBCW, God knows how I need roads for the villages. Top work there Andrew.

  6. All great stuff.
    Could I suggest something? I have a
    Mentioned Saxon 1813 style houses, buildings, windmill or bridges of the period to Martin in 15mm. I think they would be a great addition.

  7. The road sections look like like a lot of work to create the master. Going to be a great product in the end though.

  8. The stage coach crew and baggage look really good I can see myself getting them as well as a stage. Do I need more cowboy stuff, NO will that stop me......NO

  9. Lots of great stuff. Nice job!

  10. I'm really looking forward to the stage coach additions,

    I have assembled my stage coach, just need to throw paint it's way now


  11. Really excellent stuff going on there!


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