11 June 2014

Warbases Wednesday #15 - The New Scenic resin bases and how to paint them

The new range of Scenic resin bases and accessories has arrived at Warbases, the range is currently not extensive but will grow over the coming year.

Some of you will be aware that I have sculpted these additions to this range, there are now cobbled road and granite sett bases available in two sizes designed to be used with the range of carts and wagons. They come in 100mm x 50mm and 120mm x 50mm versions at the very reasonable price of £2.40 and £2.60 respectively.

So I thought I would give you a heads up on how easy these are to paint and finish from scratch. One of the major considerations I gave when sculpting these was the ability for anyone to finish them and get results similar to what I produced with the Hansom cab display above, so I spent extra time and gave a good degree of relief around the individual stones to make the finishing a lot easier.

I will begin with standard grey coloured granite setts. The example above is a very light granite but serves it purpose for the tutorial, just remember that you can go darker than this example.

I started with a good solid Black undercoat.
 Then Started by drybrushing the first dark grey shade quite heavily to get a good patchy coverage
 Gradually adding lighter greys into the drybrushing and becoming more random the lighter you go
 Again more of the same shade worked over in a random pattern to lighten areas unevenly
 Finally a very light dry brush in one direction of a very light grey to give some edge definition.
 The finished Article sealed with Matt Varnish.
This finish takes very little time to achieve due to the definition on the base to begin with.

Ok so now you want to be a little different and do your setts in a different colour in this case browns and reds, well thats no problem either. You can use exactly the same technique as I will demonstrate next for stone cobbles.

Again we start with our black undercoat but this time the first step is to give a wash of bleached bone diluted 75/25 paint to water and apply over the entire base.
 Your base should end up like this below, just ensure you have good coverage in the crevices.
 Begin by picking out random stones in any brown colour
 Keep adding extra tones alternately and completely randomly all over the base
 Add some lighter browns and beige to the base to pick out odd bits.
 You can leave a few just covered in the basic wash, just keep adding till you are happy with the randomness once happy leave to dry off for at least 20 minutes.
 The next step is to apply a wash of sepia shade diluted 50/50 with water over the entire base
 The base completely covered in the diluted wash, just leave it to dry.
Once dry give it a Matt Varnish and you end up with something like this.
you see how the wash has blended the many tones together and stained the gaps quite nicely.

The process for the Setts is exactly the same just using a different colour palette and you will achieve this look

Now for our final piece of stone work I will look at flint type cobbles

As you can see there is a range of colours from dark grey to off white and they look kind off powder dry.

We begin this exactly as we would for our brown cobbles with a wash of bleached bone.
 Once the wash is dry it already has an appearence close to that which we want as a final look.
 But we can improve this by adding a few light drybrushings of lighter greys over the raised surfaces
You can either stop at this point and varnish or for a different look break out the sepia wash and Varnish once that has dried and you get this finish.
Well good readers that is all I have for this weeks edition I hope some of the above information will prove useful in the future to you all should you purchase these great bases or have something similar to complete.



  1. Nice that you have shown 3 different styles. They all look good. If I was painting a base now I would have a lot to think about which style would be gest.

  2. Excellent job they all look great. I will bookmark this as I have some Resin bases to paint at some point on some of my EotD stuff.

  3. Absolutely brilliant! I shall be heading back when I get myself organised and order up my cab and base.

  4. Very nice Andy.
    Effective tecnique and a great result

  5. Great tutorials! Thanks for sharing this beautifull bases with us!


  6. Super tutorials Andrew. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Great tutorial, didn't realise it'd be that simple to get the great effect!

  8. Excellent tuto !
    I like the bric base a lot!

  9. That is a great tutorial Andrew and handy too as i have orders one of those bases for the Hanson Cab

  10. Wonderful tutorial and a great range of results!

    As a quick aside, I do love the Vallejo sepia wash you used. Good and thick, it clings to the mini instead of running off and pooling.

  11. Thanks. Nice paintmanship.

  12. Very nice. That sepia wash is always a winner.

  13. Very nice looking bases indeed. Nice tutorial too.

  14. A great painting guide, Andrew.
    Many thanks.

  15. Very effective Andrew! Thank for the great tutorial!

  16. Excelent work, love these stones!

  17. Well done and very inspiring, thanks !


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