4 June 2014

War bases Wednesday #14 - New miniatures and end of the introductory prices!

This week I want to firstly make you aware that the introductory prices of the new miniature range from Warbases is due to conclude on the 15th June 2014. So if you have been contemplating ordering some of the figures now is your chance to grab a bargain before the new prices come into effect.

The rises in price are not huge however and everything is still reasonably priced and competetive in todays market.

Hansom Cab Bundle currently £10.00 will rise to £12.50

Hansom Cab Set Currently £5.00 will rise to £7.50

Anglo Nubian Goats Currently £2.20 will rise to £2.50

Mouflon Sheep Currently £2.50 will rise to £2.75

Soay Sheep Currently £2.50 will rise to £2.75

Chickens Currently £1.50 will rise to £2.00

Ducks Currently £1.50 will rise to £1.75
Dogs Currently £2.50 will rise to £2.75

Bloodhound Currently £0.80 will rise to £1.00

‘Winston’ The Bulldog Currently £0.80 will rise to £1.00

There will be no increase in price for the following items:

Highland Cattle, Long Horn Cattle, Shire Horses. Carriage Horses, Heavy Draft Horses (A & B), Iron Age Pigs, Wild Boar.

For the second part of this post I am going to give you a preview of the next batch of figures to be added to the ranges, as yet these have not been priced as I have only just received the masters to paint.

So for the American west we have a Bison and Grizzly bear these are very nice sculpts the grizzly has plenty of gnashers too!
Ok every farm needs a Donkey and of course comes in handy for a fantasy Shrek game :)

Red deer in this case a doe and Stag and thats one hell of a set of antlers on his head.
Ahh now what country road would be complete without the hapless pheasant for road kill, also pretty tasty when cooked.
Ahh fluffy bunnies or in my case the makings of a decent pie yum yum.

So these will all become available in the next few weeks and of course you will see them with paint here first!

Finally for today another new addition to the ranges:
Yes all my frantic work sculpting a few weeks back has been turned into resin goodness, and now there are 4 new scenic bases in two patterns available to compliment the growing range of carts and wagon.  As yet I do not have the price for these either as these were only given to Warbases on Sunday.

Once I have full details on all the new products they will be announced here and certainly in time for when I present the painted items for you.

Well good people that wraps up this weeks edition, thank you for stopping by and reading.



  1. For some bizarre reason, when I saw those rabbits my first thought was how to wargame the battle in Watership Down. I see 5 in that pic, but you'd better check how many there are now - you know what bunnies are like.

    These new sculpts are the tops.

  2. Some interesting stuff there. I question bunnies you should tell them that hares would be better. (Rabbits not native to Britain, Normans (pesky Normans) imported them as a food source to this country! ) Mind you I suppose you can use them on the continent, But Hares would be better! Ah well maybe next time!

    I have climbed of my soap box now. And everything is great and several must have new figures!!

  3. My son said "Bunnies..... Why?" such a boy, these look great


  4. I still haven't got any of these yet but I do like the bloodhound figure. So much great figures out at the moment not sure what to spend my money on.

    That Hansom cab kit looks awesome!

  5. Yet more of my pocket money heading Warbases way!

  6. A lot of nice stuff !
    I like all the animals but the bison and the rabbits are my preferred ones .

  7. Finally someone making quality forest creatures at a decent price...

  8. That hansom cab is a must, and the animals look great too.

  9. Great, love rabbits and chickens!

  10. Very nice additions to Martin's animal range. Great!

  11. Loki, Helen has just said she wanted the Hanson Cab, why could she say that on Sunday????

    I have seen the road tile bases first hand and they look the business, well detailed and look like cobbles and flagstones, great work there Loki.

    Now you have given me more toys as scatter for my VBCW battlefield and they are lovely too

  12. Some very cool looking animals Andrew! Might have to invest!


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