26 June 2014

Waffle, The 3rd New Jersey Regiment "Jersey Blues" 1776 & 1st Connecticut Regiment completed

Oh my it is a touch frenetic in the Great Hall at the moment, every thing is completely topsy turvy with fingers in many different pies all at the same time. Currently I am on with several commissions for Brigantes studio and the benefit of all this is my time management skills are dramatically improving. So is my ability to recognise how long a job is going to take, after severely underestimating the time a recent project would take to complete. What in my mind was two days became a full 36 hours work so I will know better next time. I have also been and still am having problems with the blogger blog roll which is annoying as I know I am missing posts which I doubt I will have the time to catch up on so I apologise if I have missed a few posts this last week or so.

Any way that's enough waffle from me when I left you all last, I had completed Sherburne's continentals (here) and had begun working on the last two units of Fife and Drum miniatures (here).
 The 3rd New Jersey Regiment "Jersey Blues"

 1st Connecticut Regiment

That leaves me with the artillery piece and 4 crew to complete the 28mm collection. In addition to these I had also started work on building my 15mm Black powder army for the same period in preparation for the new supplement book due out soon. More on these in the next post!



  1. Bloody beautiful productive work mate, carry on!

  2. Stunning work once again! Don't worry about the blogger fuzz as everybody seems to have (or at least has had) those problems.

  3. Waffles, mmmmm. With cream and red cherry sauce. Mmmmm.

    Nice work on the AWI figures.

  4. Very nice work indeed Andrew!


  5. Fine work Adndrew ! Compliments .
    Cheers .

  6. Fabulous brushwork, Andrew! Summer has knocked you off your game one bit.

  7. Excellent work again, your speed and quality amaze me


  8. Wonderful work there chap and all this AWI stuff is making me have shinybloodyitsis

  9. Lovely work again Andy.
    When's the pirateitus coming on haha

  10. Excellent paintjob, Andrew.
    Very nice!

  11. Superb news Andrew and the good news is that the blog roll seems to be sorting itself out.

  12. Slender and splendid Andrew! They sure look the part.

  13. Outstanding! The 3rd New Jersey has arrived. Old King George doesn't stand a chance.

  14. Great work on the Jersey Blues the regiment of my home State.

  15. Really nice work mate.


    1. Thank Darrell, please put a followers gadget on your blog so us old timers can add you to our blog rolls ;)


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