11 May 2014

Weekly round up 11/05/2014 - A bit of a Hiatus, Blog Con 2 ( part one)

This week has been a rather strange one in the Great Hall. I am in a small malaise and am not very productive at the moment. I often find that the short weeks after a Bank holiday are not good for me, but this one has been particularly odd. I made a start on some British Napoleonic Hussars but for whatever reason have struggled to get my head straight this week as can be the case when you have an artistic temperament and suffer from depression. Resulting in me hardly been at the brushes all week. Big chunks of time have been swallowed catching up on family time and chores or sitting with a vacant brain that would not settle.

In fact before I realised it the week was almost over, the week ahead is not looking too great either with a minor operation on Tuesday, another visit to the shrink on Thursday something that after 5 years I still regard as a complete waste of time, if I cant figure what goes on in my own head how can anyone else!

The current state of my workbench, on the left some spare shields that I am turning into saga fatigue markers for selling on. In the centre the FIW figures have re-emerged and will be worked next week. and finally on the right the last three hussar mounts.

Anyway enough of that rubbish, as reported on many Blogs over the last week, last Saturday I took a trip out with Kevin to attend Blog con 2 at the Yorkshire Air Museum and it was a fantastic day out.
After a nice trouble free drive we arrived in the car park They weather was excellent so I took a couple of quick pictures for the boys to see when I got home.
A Replica Spitfire and despite Stumpy's reservations of my camera skills it turned out OK! Several of us were stood out side having a chat as the warm weather gave us a chance to catch up on many things before the start.
We all started the day in the NAAFI  having a brew and more talking before we moved onto the town of Serenity for game one of the day.
Everyone gathers round as Dave gives a brief over view of the game, Objective capture Budgie Ray from the Mountie, I was horrified to learn he was my brother and I had to attempt rescue with the rest of my Family.
Dave went to a lot of effort for this game so I am going to thank him right now for this, he gave me a new character, yes I adopted my own alter ego 'Loki' a Badass Shootist with some mean skills as well.
Hmm starting near the stock pens what will I do next
Curt checks that he is allowed to carry out a particular action
To Roars of laughter Ray is thrown over the Balcony and knocked out cold as he hits the deck!
 Then gets himself hog tied and dragged through the streets behind the Mounties faithful steed
 Boy that Mountie was moving fast in fact so fast we decided it was not worth rescuing a coward anyway.
 Stock pen opened would I start a stampede?
 No a legend had walked out of the Saloon to cause trouble no doubt!
 I had the advantage as I had lassoed and got him on the ground, the decided to be a gent and offer a duel!! I wont be that generous ever again as I am shot dead! swiftly followed by my cousin who was going for a back shot.
 The Mountie gets to the train and after ejecting the Pinkertons in a hail of lead escapes with Budgie Ray
 Budgie Ray and the now Famous Budgie cards handed out for acts of cowardice!
The new Legend Card that is Budgie Ray. This game was great fun and there was a lot of laughter especially when stumpy was shooting. It was good that Kevin got to play this as he missed out at first Blog Con but is enthused enough for us to make our own town and have us some fun using these excellent rules.

I will finish this post with some welcomes for the latest crew members, Will Mays, Adam Andrzejewski and Russ G. Thank you for joining now row hard  and enjoy the visits.



  1. Looks like an awesome time Andrew! Great report.

  2. A great write up. It was a real good day and glad you and Kev both enjoyed it. I know what you mean re the artistic frame of mind and being up and down, sure you will be out the other side shortly.

  3. I kinda get what you are saying there Andrew, about artistic block and all as I have not been able to put pen to paper for about six months now at least and I am letting people, no friends down and I feel rotten about it. Now top of that Mrs PK is also going into hospital for a operation on Tuesday, so you will be in great company if it was the same hospital and as for everything else its slowly, slowly.

    But it is good that you have a great time at BlogCon and nice that Dave gave you your very own card, lucky sod. Great pictures of the show too

  4. Nice write-up Loki.

    Sorry to hear you've hit "brain fart" territory. I know what that's like.

  5. I'm having my own slump at the mo, I just can't seem to motivate myself to pick up that damn brush!!!

  6. Sounds like a great moment, love the beautiful buildings...and the nice write-up!

  7. It can be hard getting out of the slump. I haven't been able to paint or blog all week. I wish you well. Perhaps the FIW will do the trick.

    All the reports of BlogCon sound great. I think your's is the only one that's shown the character cards though. That Loki does look a bad-ass!

  8. Just to put shrinks into perspective, I knew a Wafu on the Falmouth who's had a whack on the head from a rotor blade. In his records he had a letter from a shrink which said he was sane and there were no after effects. He was the only person I know to be certified sane and was also the craziest bugger I've ever met!

    As regards the gunfight game, I think it was rigged. Next time I'm not doing the decent thing and volunteering to be the character who turns out to be a complete tosser!

    1. Yeah, yeah....whatever... A bad workman blames his tools!!, try shooting straight next time LOL..

  9. I know the feeling Loki but it's been a heavy start to the year at your brushes, so an aimless few weeks to recharge your batteries may well help.

    Great writeup of your rescue attempt - appreciate you were a gent offering a duel!

  10. Sounds like you need the break, sometimes your mind will take it without your permission! You'll be back :-) That game looks brilliant, fantastic fun! Cheers, Paul.

  11. Sorry to hear that you've not been firing on all cylinders my good man, finding it hard to get things done here too. Hope the op goes well.

  12. That looks like a blast, Andrew. And I had to lol at Ray's card. Ouch!

    I hope things do take an upward turn up for you in the week ahead, painting or no painting.

  13. I loved it :-)
    Great write up bud, and good luck at the hosp.
    As you know, my week was similar.
    To many kids n distractions.
    Artists and brain farts go superbly together

  14. Looks to have been a Great Game, and the third? time I read of it? Beautiful location too!
    Don't worry about the lack of hobby as you are still ahead in gaming and painting!
    My Peninsular War Brits are still not finished and may need a dusting! I have bought more paints, brushes and assembled a few kits, but Nada else has been accomplished... where did I put my blog anyway!? ;)

  15. Hi Andrew,

    don't fret about your dates too much. You've had some busy weeks with the painting challenge and Salute so just take the time to come down a bit.

    And many thanks for the great round up of blog con. An excellent read an some really nice pictures.


  16. We all get the painting hobby funk my friend, I like the comment about the shrink, very true!

  17. Hola
    Buena tienes en la mesa de pintura
    Y parece que os divertisteis con las mesas de juego
    un saludo

  18. Great write up! I am finding it increasingly difficult to resist the call of the Wild West!

  19. Everyone hits the dips so that will pass and the event looked fun.


  20. Looks like it was a great venue to meet and play in.
    Those cards look very similar to ones I am creating for a Gladiator combat game rules idea. They look great and you can see the effort he went into for the town and game.
    Thanks for sharing and hope your black cloud floats away soon.

  21. Hope the operation was a success. I really do. What a great report. Of course you can throw Ray out the window, He makes a soft landing for the person following! What a shame he missed the horse trough..... well maybe.

  22. I absolutely love the Budgie Cards. I am thinking their appearance on the gaming table are great moments for all involved. Whoever invented the Budgie Cards is brilliant. :)

  23. Sorry to hear about the slump, Loki. It's true though, I agree, short weeks can somehow off balance things just a tad. Or, I am off by a day. It's just weird.


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