2 May 2014

Battle of Cadbury Castle - A Hail Caesar Battle report and a small request

This is round two of our Roman Invasion of Britannia Campaign: Part one can be found HERE.

Currently the scores are:

Kev and Glenn ( Rotten Romans)

Battle of Medway Tactical Victory 3 points.

Loki ( British Tribes)

Killing Geta ( Batavian commander ) at Medway 1 point.

We only gave the Romans a Tactical Victory and not an outright win as time got the better of this initial game and we agreed on the likely outcome.

So I entered this one with a deficit of 2 points and needed to secure a victory give the Britons a chance of winning the early campaigns.

All forces are exactly as the Hail Caesar - Britannia supplement and the terrain was set out as per the map given for the battle.
Pre battle set up
This is turn two- as you can see the Romans have not managed to get fully onto the table due to some poor command rolls. The Britons though now have the first reinforcements arriving so are starting to form battle lines.
Turn 4 and still Rome is plodding where as the Britons are ready for them and will try to slow the advance
Same turn from the Roman side
Turn 5 and combat ensues as you can see I have lost my chariot with a rather well rolled 3 on a break test so I have to win the cavalry melee or I get infantry in the flank!
Hmmm! So I roll exceptional badly, when taking another two break tests for the cavalry at -4, rolling 3 and 5 respectively both units break. Things are not going terribly well. In fact its already been pointed out I have just failed the most break tests I have ever failed in a row. (Thanks Kev)
Now thanks to the rather splendid break test results I had broken an entire division and my reinforcements would now have to retire off the table. Oh bugger springs to mind. But I have more forces arriving from the west perhaps things will turn around.
My division retires a full move as the Romans now advance on mass
I have pulled back to the hill fort to await my allies whilst the Romans form a strong battle line
The two armies face off before a big fight.
After a swift kick in the balls I lose another warband after a protracted fight with 3 Legionary units
I then have a rush of blood to the head and hurl everything at the Romans to try and stop them, I am partially successful and force them back for a couple of turns but at a high price.
The Romans regroup and assault the Hill fort, I am forced to take another Break test, I need not tell you the outcome after only scoring 3 again!!! That broke my entire army and left the fort open to capture giving the Romans a strategic victory!

Lesson learnt : no battle plan ever survives the first encounter with the enemy,” - Sun Tzu could not have summed it up any better.

There will be no Paint table Saturday this week as I will be at Spring Blog con causing some mischief with the dice no doubt. Though I strongly recommend visiting here Sunday Afternoon/ Evening.

Just before I go could I ask you all to spare a few minutes of your time and Read THIS BLOG POST from fellow blogger Ian at the Blog with No name, who would like us to help a project that is personal to him and his wife.

Thank you


  1. A nice report. I really enjoyed it. The wrong out come of course. Darn those pesky Romans!

  2. Those damn dice gods, good looking game and I've voted for Ian and his missus!

  3. That's not how this was supposed to turn out. There's no accounting for luck Andrew. Next time round you'll slaughter them.

  4. What did the Romans ever do for us.... Oh yes. Crush us!

  5. I love that you took the fight right to the Romans and jammed them at the starting gate. Great call, bad luck!

  6. Worst set of BT rolls ever Andy.
    Extremely fun game for all.
    Your up against it next week bud

  7. No plan survives contact with dice! Looks like a lot of fun anyway :-) Cheers, Paul.

  8. The Romans prove once more that they are no chocolate soldiers. After a Marathon struggle, Cadbury falls to the followers of Mars. Victory is sweet!

  9. Can't do much about luck Andrew! Great report and photos.

  10. No so much luck Andrew, but a great looking game!


  11. Rolling badly in break tests is always a killer in HC games - great game and report!

  12. Those blooming Romans, always winning and killing, well actually NO as your chaps just had better things to do than fight garlic smelling Romans, I think the gardens needed to be looking after.

  13. They came, they saw, they kicked your... another cracking report Sir.

  14. Excellent pics and report Andrew.

  15. Those dice, errrr. Great to see you and Kev today and thanks for the plug


  16. Nice report Andrew. You really need some luck (or some barbarian trickery) if Celts are going to defeat Romans, don't you?

  17. Good game, I like the HC rules mechanism.


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