11 April 2014

Wargames Foundry Saxons work in progress 2

I set my self a rather modest target this week to get three blisters fully painted before I travelled to Salute. I managed to get two completed, the third pack is not quite done but I am well under way with the fourth so I think I can claim my target achieved.

When I left you I was just completing the first blister of double handed axe men and had mounted the Thegns. I got the Thegns to this stage and mounted the next Blister of command figures plus an extra figure.

The command is well advanced so I mounted up the next blister to make a start on some warriors.

So things have gone well for the week as I have managed to get the warrior blister to this stage.

Overall I am pleased to have got this far as I have had a week of many distractions and other matters to attend to. I am now making last minute preparations and doing the double, triple check thing, before driving to London to spend the day helping out on the warbases stand at Salute this Saturday, so I hope to meet some of you if only briefly during the day.



  1. They're looking good so far! Have fun at Salute.

  2. They are looking very nice Andrew and enjoy your day at Salute!


  3. They're coming along nicely and isn't nice to get back into a natural rhythm again. Have a grand time at Salute!

  4. Nice work mate. That green is wonderful.

  5. Very nice have fun at salute looking forward to seeing a loot post!

  6. Lovely work, Andrew! Your customer will be very happy. Have a great time at salute!

  7. I concur with my esteemed blolleague Millsy, they are really coming up a treat.

    Have fun at Salute!

  8. Coming along nicely! Good work on the detailing on the helms of their shirts on some of those guys

  9. Good stuff, Simon :)

    Make sure you have a good day 'Darn Sarth', and tell everyone you meet how great the North truly is :D

    1. I mean Andrew! Good stuff Andrew.

      Where did Simon come from? Aargh, what a dolt I am!

  10. Hola
    Buenas minis sio señor
    un saludo

  11. I've been slogging through blogs today and have caught up on yours. Great work on these Saxons and the Ronin figures. Your series on plastics was great and reminds me why I chose to do 1/72 plastics when I returned to gaming.

  12. Looking good, motivates me to get my Normans finished! Like the new look to the blog too, very grand :-)

  13. Looking great... nice selection of colors!


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