15 April 2014

Wargames Foundry Saxons WIP 3, Scurvy Dogs and Old Nags

Well I have recovered from the weekend at Salute, more on that subject later in the week. For now its back to the day job and continuing where I left things last week.

The two remaining blisters of Foundry Saxons have been prepared and will be finished this week to wrap up the commission.

I have some lead that I did not complete during this years challenge to work on next, a nice group of 15 Wargames Foundry Pirates. I have started work on them already as they were already mounted and primed while waiting for the primer to dry on the Saxons.

I also have been commissioned by Martin at Warbases to paint some more animals from his new range so I am currently working the 3 versions of horse designed for drawing his range of vehicles. More on these in a future post.

The rest of the week will be fairly busy for me as I am working on a joint venture with my good buddy Kevin at present and hope to reveal more on this at the end of the week.



  1. I'm pretty sure you'll produce some real eye candy again.

  2. I do like Pirates. Congratulations on the commission work!

  3. a lot of work on the paint table !
    I like the horses : they seems to be really good!
    I'm waiting to see them in closer pictures !

  4. Nice one Loki! I was waiting to see a pic of Fran, when you mentioned an old nag???

  5. Nice WIP shots so far. I'm looking forward to see more of the "secret joint venture" soon.


  6. Pirates, Horses and Saxons. Sounds like you are painting the bloggers meet up at salute. Nice one mate. Good WIPO shots. Hope you are back in the swing after Salute.

  7. The work in progress stuff looks very nice. Looking forward to what you and Kev are up too!


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