9 April 2014

Warbases Wednesday #6

This week I bring you lots of horse power...

Well they are in fact various horse drawn wagons in many shapes and guises and suitable for a very wide range of periods.

This fine form of transport is a Hansom cab and costs £5.00. Now due to some insider knowledge I also know that there are some additions to this that will really make these stand out although I do not know of the exact release date as yet. Firstly a fully tacked nag, a passenger, a driver and some accessories have already gone into production and master moulds have been made. Guaranteed to make any Victorian street scene come to life.

Hay you!! yes you, no seriously this is a hay cart, which can also be put to use for a wide time span and multiple uses. This costs just £3.50 and is obviously a useful piece of equipment at that price.

No self respecting undertaker would be seen without one of these a proper hearse for the grand send off. This comes with a resin coffin which fit perfectly in the rear. Priced at £6.00 once again my insider knowledge informs me that this may well be receiving some extra accessories to complete the scene.

You cant dodge these things once your number is up you fill em up a pack of four extra 28mm coffins for £4.00.

Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the glen! A paymaster's wagon perfect for any raiding scenario you could think off plenty of booty to claim and all for only £3.50.

Wagons Ho! A pioneer wagon equip with a team of horses and off prospecting you can go for the meagre sum of £4.00

The Wild West is the theme for this stagecoach and its a cracker! costing £7.00. Again due to inside knowledge I am aware that there will be some big additions to this one and they are currently about to be sculpted. So expect a further release later this year.

Its turned a bit nippy! a Turnip Cart also suitable for other vegetables and transportable loads. Costs £4.00

Finally a van, widely seen and used for a whole plethora of goods. Medicine man, Fishmongers etc etc yours for the sum of £4.50

That covers the entire range of horse drawn transport currently available. I apologise for the severely bad puns employed throughout this post.

Have a good week ahead and I hope to see many of you visiting the Warbases stand (TA18) at Salute this year so I can say hello! or at least you know where I am so you can avoid me.



  1. Ooo very useful thanks for posting these up will be able to decorate my Victorian table with some of those.

  2. I like the Hansom Cab and the Hearse. Those are some great prices as well. Here, something like that would cost a good $20.00 or more.

  3. I can see some of those coming home to 'Awdry Towers'. I hope to swing by the stand at some point Andrew.

  4. Those carts do look good. I can see some more impulse buying this weekend!!!

  5. I am strangely drawn to the Hanson cab.. I may have to get one! For what I don't know .. But since when has that stopped me..

  6. The Hay cart and the Turnip cart look very useful. And the coffiins . . . . do they do life size?

  7. I need a cart for SAGA, and the haycart is just the ticket!

  8. All of the models would be great props in a Old West game. Cool stuff!

  9. The missus is a great Victorian fan, I think she'd like a fully kitted out and painted Hansom for her book case. Eagerly awaiting more news the additions.

  10. Very nice and fairly priced wagons.


  11. They are fantastic and I so need some!!

  12. These are very good and useful for all manner of game types and at a good price too

  13. I will pop by and see you tomorrow at some point Andrew. Warbases is on my to do list


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