26 March 2014

Warbases Wednesday #4

So I am having a small blogging hiatus at the moment and as far as the workbench goes that is very unproductive as I take a wee rest at the end of the challenge. I have not been completely idle though and continued to work on the display figures for Martin to bring you this weeks edition of Warbases Wednesday.

This week we continue where I left off last week with the other 28mm animals in the new range of miniatures being released by Warbases at Salute this year. They will be on stand TA18, along with myself who will be working for the day or ably cocking things up as usual!

So if your going to be having a farmstead scene what better than some chickens to liven things up. A pack contains 6 hens in 3 different poses and a rooster for £1.50

 Next up is a pack of 4 Collies or Rabid mutts, nice randomly posed dogs that will take to painting up as a variety of breeds. £2.50

This pack contains 2 Longhorn cattle and are able to be constructed as either European or American breeds as extra horns are supplied to make both. £3.50

Wild Boars, perfect for any a wide time span the pack contains 2 adults and 3 young for £3.00

Mouflon sheep another ancient breed here and good fun to paint as they have a distinctive pattern 2 adults and 2 young in the pack for £2.50

Finally Iron age pigs complete the range, these represent the earliest domesticated pigs, pack contains 2 adults and 3 young for £3.00

That brings us nicely to a conclusion of all the new releases for Salute so far. I am sure you will all agree this range could be a welcome addition to many a table and they are keenly priced as well.

Now if you have not already done so pop over to the companies Facebook page  find the 19th of March post and take part in the competition they are having and you might win some of these figures.



  1. A good mix and prices that are sure to get extra sales as extra scenic items or game objectives etc.


  2. The Chickens are puck puck pucking great buddy.
    Sorry couldn't resist that.

  3. Great stuff, I shall be picking some of these up at Salute no doubt!

  4. The pups are the best. Love those.

  5. These are great - we've needed something like this for a while now. They really fill a gap in the market!

  6. Why do I suddenly feel the urge for bacon? Love the wild boars Andrew.

  7. I like these Loki and my wife has just pop over my shoulder and said I want the boars

  8. Excellent work on all of them; the details on the hens' feathering in particular.

  9. Thanks for the heads up on these... I thinks they'll work well for my Hobbiton village scene too, perhaps a Rohan settlement also...

  10. They look great all painted up. Nice job sir!

  11. I shall make an effort to meet you at salute... and I have a hankering for chickens!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. After your productive Challenge, you deserve break from the paint desk!

  14. Looking realy good, animals give live to every wargaming table.

    Best regards Michael

  15. Nice work Andrew and I think I'll get some of these at some point.:-)


  16. I'm also on a bit of a break post-challenge.

    I've preordered a few of the animals packs, keenly prices as they are I. Sure they'll come in useful.


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