19 March 2014

Warbases Wednesday #3

Welcome to the third edition of Warbases Wednesday.  One of the big releases for Warbases at Salute 2014 will be a new range of 28mm miniatures and they are jolly nice indeed. I always like a bit of scenery on my tables and often source things to just dress things up a little. So this new range of animals is going to come in very handy indeed, especially with the Dux Raiders about to be released.

I have been privileged enough to be given a set of the full range to paint up for the companies new display case, and am furiously working my way through an extensive number of figures. So for this first batch I bring you:

I just had to open with the Highland Cattle, and these are big beasts with plenty of heft to them. The Sculpts are very nice with the horns coming seperately and were a perfect fit. As you can see the pack contains 2 Cows and a calf and will retail at £4.00

 Next up are a pack of 2 Shire horses, again lovely sculpts and easy to paint up this pack will cost £3.50

A pack of 4 Soay sheep, these were an unusual paint job and required a bit of internet research before painting them up, they are an Ancient breed so will fit in with many periods of game and at £2.50 a pack.

 3 Anglo Nubian goats, a painters dream as anything goes with these, patches, spots and pretty much most colours too. the pack cost is £2.20

 A Blood Hound a great sculpt and good value at £0.80 very useful for border reivers games etc.
Finally this week we will finish with "Churchill"  (sorry couldn't resist that) A British Bulldog, this is a great sculpt and has character and a bargain at £0.80.

There are a lot more animals in the range, and I am already aware of what will be coming in the future, with additions for the Hansom cab model and there will be something that every western town needs later in the year. I hope to have the full range completed ready for next weeks post so stay tuned as you will see them here first!



  1. Wow great dogs. I already know I am going to be buying some of those at Salute now.

    It may also be worth mentioning in the thread what the stand number is for warbases - TA18 for those interested in planning ahead.

  2. I can see a flock and a herd of goats being on my hit list.

  3. Nice figures, nicely showcased by your paintjobs.

    1. Edwin, now I see why you suggested I should bag myself a few of those Highland cattle; they're just the thing for dressing up a game of SAGA, especially north of the Wall. I am definitely getting some of those, but having to wait until April will be the hardest part!

  4. They are all great and nicely priced. Liking the Bloodhound wished they had these at WMMS the other week!

  5. Now I could have done with that Bulldog for my final bonus round entry. Superb stuff, will definitely be picking some of these up.

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  7. Sheep ! Have to get some of those

    Salute will be full of animals this year. The 'freebie' is a sculpt of Colin Maud RN the Beachmaster at Juno Beach on D Day together with his bulldog 'Winston'

  8. That is an interesting selection of animals.. Beautifully painted I might add. I am looking for a good wolf for White Fang!!!

  9. I need a Churchill. Don't know why, but I need one.

  10. Lovely brushwork and basing on all of the creatures. Nice color particularly on the bloodhound. Dean

  11. I like all those animals !
    But my preferred one are the Highlands Cattle !!
    I felt in love with them when I have a marvellous trip in Scotland some years ago...

  12. Good idea with the animals. The bulldog is crying out to be used with something lke one of Artizan's 'Thrilling Tales' figures.

  13. Good to see a really solid range of animals at a decent price. I'll certainly be getting on board.

  14. Great looking animals. Excellent new products to add to a table.

  15. They all look like wonderful models. Great painting Andrew!

  16. I've already got the bulldog from black cat - nice sculpt but over twice the price.

    The goats and sheep can go on my Salute list for sure

  17. Very nice miniatures and fairly priced they seem to me. Just as I expected from Diane and Martin since all their stuff is of good quality and good price... ;-)

    At the latest at Crisis I'll have to lay my hands on some of those...



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