12 March 2014

Warbases Wednesday #2

Exclusively this week I bring you the other buildings and accessories that complete the Pegasus Bridge ranges that Warbases will be releasing at Salute 2014.

All 15mm scale:
 Cafe Gondree: L 188mm x  W 67mm x H 121mm
 Bunker: L 100mm x W 75mm x H 30mm, Base L 140mm x W 115mm
 School House: L 107mm x W 74mm x H 104mm, Lean To: L 100mm x W 52mm x H64mm
Pegasus HQ: dimensions to follow

and because Martin is a man who like completeness he has also made a Horsa Glider.

The following has been given to me by Diane at Warbases directly this week:

"Price guidelines (not set in stone yet)"
Cafe Gondree: £15.00
Bunker: £8.00
School House: £15.00
Pegasus HQ: £4.00
Pegasus Bridge: £60.00

Pegasus 'Bundle' (Pegasus Bridge, Cafe Gondree, Bunker, School House, HQ) = £90.00

So as you can see the initial pricing is very competitive and the Bundle deal seems to be exceptional value as effectively you will get the Bunker and HQ free!

Well that's it for this weeks edition of Warbases Wednesday, click the banner in the right sidebar if you want to visit Warbases.



  1. Beautiful pieces and good value!

  2. Ooh interesting..

    I want one of those gliders... I do t need one.. But I want one!

  3. Good value. I was ogling there stuff at the WMMS show last Sunday. I only ended up splurging on a set of there British Phonebox/post box sets. Great little items.

  4. Course the 'civilian' pieces don't have to be WWII at all - early C18th and up I reckon, so even better value.

  5. Nice pieces here and at good prices too. I think we all want that glider!

  6. Some gamers are going to make these look awesome when they paint them and make a landscape for them.
    Great product.

  7. Thanks for stopping by. The garbanzo also goes by the name chickpea. And the Kosher salt, the one I use anyway, adds a great texture and taste. So flippin' good.

  8. Looking nice!

    Do you know if the buildings will be upscaled to 28mm as well? I already have the bridge (as sold from a miniatures company last year), but a few more houses would be great!

  9. Some great pieces of terrain there!

  10. That set looks extremely well done and fair priced.
    Good luck to Martin for it!

  11. I like the school house and the Café, both very versatile. Nice to see all these though.

  12. Very nice elements. I like a lot the great service from Warbases.


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